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BJ Penn punched a cop

Two years ago, BJ Penn punched a cop outside of a bar in Hawaii. Today, he got off with 1 year probation and a $2000 fine. Terms of the probation include Pineapple Penn not being able to leave the US, but the judge gave special permission for Penn to fight in England for the LW title.

Oh boy, wouldn’t it have been awesome if Penn hadn’t been allowed to fight in the UK? That would have fucked things up for good and confirmed that there’s a voodoo curse on the UFC’s lightweight division.

  • dignan

    Wow. I didn’t know you could punch a police officer and get off with such a non-sentence…AND be allowed to leave the country.

    It’s great when semi-celebrities are treated like regular joe’s.

  • Matt (tapout name shitstain)

    Lesson: Don’t fuck with BJ Penn. To the king of Hilo

  • Mobb Deep

    Fight the Power, Penn, Fight the Power.

  • Atom

    Apparently the fact the the cop was not dressed like a cop makes a difference.

  • Jersey Tomato

    The cop obviously had it coming…

    Now go forth and bitch slap Joe Daddy!

  • MacDaddy

    did the cop weigh in at 155?

  • Higgz

    I heard he started out resisting the cop but then tired quickly and the cop got the better of him…wait, that’s BJ’s career.

  • Thomas

    Hey…. how to punch a cop dressed like a regular person to save your brother was no where in his book.

  • Matt (tapout name shitstain)

    The cop wasn’t dressed like a cop? Was it a hooker?