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BJ Penn unretires, accuses Nick Diaz of cheating

“It’s a good thing I’m icing my balls right now, because all that fence grabbing got me HOT!”

BJ Penn has once again verified his BJ Penn-ness by confirming to us that he is in fact BJ Penn. Stop me if you’ve heard this before: Penn is now claiming that Nick Diaz beat him not because he set the record for most significant strikes in a UFC fight, but because he cheated. From BJ’s twitter account:

@nickdiaz209 Look how much bigger you are in this pic..I thought you were gonna scrap from the beginning homie? What was that coward fence holding strategy to tire out the smaller man? Street fighter my ass! I made you fight like glass jaw @jonfitchdotnet poser! I’ll be ready for that weak bs next time we fight! news director Pedro Carrasco also posted on the underground forum that BJ’s panties are in a serious bunch about what a coward Diaz is, and that Penn is officially unretired:

There is a reason why he posted it, He is fired up because now that the holidays are over and a lot of his post-fight distractions are behind him he has nothing to do but think about things and he is not happy with the way he performed in his last several fights.

I am not here to make excuses for him, but I am pretty sure people, at least with some sense of intelligence, can identify that the BJ that fought Edgar, Fitch and Diaz was not the same Penn that fought the Diego’s and Florians of the world.

Things changed, but as it sits right now, he is back. That killer mentality and fire is back and it’s been brewing for a while now and today’s tweet is a result of it just boiling over. Expect more to come from Penn for sure!

The fact that he looks an awful lot like a Cabbage Patch Kid makes all of this crying from BJ Penn extremely endearing. Even though he will probably never win another title in the UFC, he is still the UFC acting-like-a-child champion, and he will reign for quite some time if Jacob Volkmann stops using jokes written by six year olds. Didn’t scrap… Coward fence holding strategy… I feel like my mind is being raped. At least when Apple uses its reality distortion field, we get some cool apps out of the deal.

One can only hope that we will now be treated to another Steven Spielberg-directed video complete with a full orchestral score and six dozen dramatically slowed down angles of the one microsecond of the fight during which Diaz’ finger may have brushed against the fence. +100 additional points will also be awarded to Penn in the event that he sics his mommy (*dun dun dunnnnn*) on the Nevada State Athletic Commission for a serious dressing-down over the “fence grabbing incident”, plus an extra 5000 if it’s not just a verbal dressing-down.

  • noiseless

    i saw what he did there

  • Giallo

    The fire is back eh, then Get a goddamn camp that doesn’t consist of fucking family and yes men

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    I like BJ Penn and he’s just the right amount of crazy. Buuuuuuuuut, the dude’s a bitch.

    He brought his MOM to testify at the athletic hearing, his fucking mom. That’s the ultimate, nuclear bomb of whiny, bitch moves.

  • kvelertak

    Fuck BJ Penn. I used to hate his guts, and he slowly grew on me. But fuck everything about this. He’s such an overblown lazy piece of shit.

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    Here is the reply from the official Gracie Camp website:

    “BJ Penn has apparently not come to terms with the beating he received at the hands of Nick Diaz. At some point it is up to those around you to protect you from yourself. To take you aside and let you know you are wrong and help save you from your folly. Unfortunately for Penn he is surrounded by ‘Yes Men’ that are unwilling to do that. The outcome will be predictable, resulting in a fighter that will never push himself to the fullest and will always have excuses for his losses.”

    Not to name names, but I can think of two “brothers” who also fight and are known to have difficulty accepting their losses too…

  • CAP

    I likes me some BJ Penn but quit making excuses he should have been punching Diaz in the face if he didn’t want him holding the fence.

    Get back with the Merinovikchzz brothers to get you into peak shape again. BJ is not ready unless he is punching himself right before the fight starts. THAT’S the BJ Penn I want to see.

  • Blackula Jonez

    I concur with MMaDAM and Cap


    Rogan was talking about how grueling and drained BJ was from the Marinovitch training sessions BJ did for the Florian and Diego fights. Penn couldn’t even play with his kids afterwards which says a lot.

    But if you want to be a champ sacrifice is required.

  • kwagnuth

    First he’s all buddy buddy and now this? What a two faced cunt.

  • CAP

    No shit he’s bigger than you BJ. You should be fighting at LW…

  • Redping

    yeah nick couldn’t fight at lightweight if he tried, why is it surprising he’s bgiger? and he’s even leaning forward in that fucking pic.

    this is the difference between someone who works really hard to get where they are (the diaz brothers), and somebody who is born supremely gifted and feels that entitles them to certain things in life.

    I hope he changes his mind and stays retired. Nick Diaz is about the only person he SHOULDN’T call out. Go back to LW you crybaby, and threaten somebody who didn’t all around whoop your ass when you were in the best shape of your life.

    and diaz fights better when he’s angry, so it it were to happen I see it being the same but with nick throwing harder + more punches

    and MMAdam, I bet you can’t come up with a single excuse a diaz brother made for losing, other than ‘the guy held me down like a bitch’, which isn’t so much of an excuse as a hatred of the rules of the sport. did nate claim to be sick after losing to gray or something? may have missed it

  • frickshun

    BJ is like my gay son…..I love him to death but he makes me sick to my stomach.

  • iamphoenix

    the BJ that fought Edgar, Fitch and Diaz was not the same Penn that fought the Diego’s and Florians of the world.

    Probably because the Diego’s and Florians of the world aren’t Edgar and Fitch!!! Funny now that fitch got ktfo bysome guy who looks like a Frank Miller character…