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Blind Justice


Here’s a bit of a double whammy video – half fake Chuck Liddell movie preview(“And I hold you all IN CONTEMPT OF JUSTICE!”) and half marriage proposal.

(thanks to strangechild3000 for the find)

  • Reverend Clint


  • dulljake

    Dude with the Glasses annoys me infinately

  • CRM_Stephen

    You have to love anybody that wears sunglasses in a movie theater. Or wears sunglasses while proposing. Or wears sunglasses in a movie theater while proposing.


    yeah, what is with the sunglasses… He took ‘em off for a second and – oh look – Dude… keep the sunglasses on!

    Proposal… how the fuck will this guy be able to keep up with that kind of performance. Never set the bar that high… (pussy on pedestal, right?) Shower her with gifts like sacrifices to the volcano and in 10 or 20 years he’s crying uncle because his spoiled, overweight, self-centered wife will have sucked the life out of him and he wont understand why his needs don’t mean shit… (I’m not bitter, I swear.)

  • Komodo

    Didn’t make it five seconds with mister spazglasses. I’ll watch it later when I’m lit.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Two things:

    1) Besides the excellent points CRM_Stephen made, you have to respect a guy wearing glasses during a video blog shot entirely in a medium close-up. “My house is so bright dawg …”

    2) Komodo needs a stoned version of his avatar.