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Bob Sapp’s latest heroic performance

Hey Dan Henderson! Stop picking on Rampage! If you wanna see someone who really just shows up for a paycheck, it’s Bob Sapp. Here he is in a fight from last weekend in … eh who knows. Some buttf*ck nowhere country. That’s been Sapp’s MO for the past year and a half: Jobbing out on cards across Eastern Europe. His next big fight is set for March 11th in India against James Thompson, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Monday morning sees another fresh Sapp tap video from Uzbekistan on Youtube. The dude has become a professional loser. Literally.

The Battle of the Glass Jaws

  • iamphoenix

    i don’t understand.


    I couldn’t see Sapp’s fingers sticking out of his gloves mimicking horns, but I think he came out with the bull-charge move.

  • Jarman

    wow, even more glasstastic than usual. That was a punch from the bottom that felled him this time. Seriously, he put up a better fight in the new Conan the Barbarian film (Spoiler alert: the movie blew, and sapp’s on screen death was as lame as his in ring ends.)….how can he spend so many years losing to the same holes in his game without even attempting to fill them? has anyone even told him you make more money for winning than losing in ridiculous fashion? I don’t see how he could ever know that from experience….

  • glassjawsh

    i think everyone would be much more intrigued by a battle of glassjawsh’s

  • Khzarn

    It wouldn’t surprise me if his contracts didn’t even include a win bonus. He obviously hasn’t cared about winning for a long time. He just furiously tries not get hurt, and taps accordingly.

  • Jarman

    who’s got more to be ashamed of, gay-for-pay or Sappu? At least the porn star was described as a ‘top’ for his scenes. Can’t really say the same of the 300-pound baby.

  • CAP

    What a joke, quit paying this fool.


  • Giallo

    The fucking jackass is an embarrassment and makes the sport look bad. he’s not a glassjaw just a giant pussy.

  • Symbul

    Everyone should know by now that Bob Sapp is simply not trying, and hasn’t been doing so for many years now.

  • P W

    It’s a goddamn shame that fight organisations keep on booking this clown, knowing that he is nothing but a phony these days, and fooling the fans who aren’t following the sport very closely, who pay money expecting to see Bob Sapp involved in an actual fight.

  • Blackula Jonez

    How much does this guy make a year being a pro can?

  • sharaab

    as someone born in India (raised in the states), i’m ashamed that this joke of a show is going to be put on in my birth country. seriously, it looks more like WWE than MMA. also, one of the dudes putting it on is an infamous Bollywood “actor” (quotes for a reason) and even more famous scumbag. he was actually thrown in jail for being part of a terrorist plot. not a joke.

    good god i hope the UFC gets in there quick and throws these clowns out on their asses. we got a billion people over there, at least some of those fuckers should be able to fight, right? and you gotta bring in these assclowns? bulshit. this almost as bad as Kurt Warner and Marky Mark trying to start an American football league in India, which is also happening. i’m not kidding, look it up.

  • Jarman

    I’ll take your word for it sharaab. Seriously, with India being one of those jump-off points is the history of martial arts (Kalari Payattu is badass, and Indian yogi’s basically taught the shaolin monks how it goes….), there’s gotta be better fighters than that overgrown manchild. But hey, a can is a can, and Sapp’s a can with a known name. If he’s got no pride to care about flushing, I guess we can just enjoy him as the trainwreck he is.