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Bodog’s going down the toilet

After several seasons in far-reaching locations like Costa Rica and Russia, Bodog is raising the bar and taking their Bodogfight show to the most exotic location ever: Vancouver, British Columbia!

Filming will take place August 24-25 on a closed set at the Squamish Nation Indian Reserve in nearby North Vancouver, where the walls still echo with the music of The Police, who chose the same site to rehearse for their North American reunion tour.

Wow. I’ve always associated classy mixed martial arts with Indian reservations. There’s been a ton of whispers and rumors regarding Bodogfight going down the toilet, and this latest development isn’t helping appearances. Guys like Miguel Iturrate and Shu Hirata are gone from the company and of course the situation with Fedor and M-1 is pretty grim. Add the fact that I don’t see my girl Roxy on this season’s lineup and I am officially done even pretending to give a shit about BodogFight.

  • DJ Hapa

    I thought the rumors about Iturrate were false. Apparently he is still there.

    Bodog has their HQ, or at least an office, in Vancouver, which is why they are filming it there. I don’t think it is a sign of anything bad. And for some of us, Vancouver IS an exotic location.

  • intenso

    how is an Indian Reservation any less “classy” than the casinos/hotels that the UFC has their shows in?

  • fightlinker

    Across the board I’ve always found indian reservation events really sketchy. They’re usually thrown by people who wouldn’t be able to get sanctioned otherwise

  • Jonathan

    Yeah, but the Indian Reservations also have gambling and drinking with them!

  • MrRudy

    I can’t add your feed to Feedburner. How I do this?

  • kentyman