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Boxing’s first gay athlete gets sassy in the ring

The combat sports world has certainly been getting an education in LGBT issues lately. We’ve just had our first lesbian UFC fighter, first transgendered MMA fighter, and first gay boxer in Orlando Cruz. Last weekend he fought his second fight since coming out and made some waves when he smacked his opponent on the ass:

That’s not the way a gay boxer is supposed to act: The first key moment happened during the second round and it is one of those things that people in gender study classes love to deconstruct in 300-page analytical books. For Cruz I assume it was simply an attempt to unnerve his opponent.

If you blink you might miss it but at the 6 second mark you’ll see that Cruz is standing behind his opponent when he swiftly reaches out and slaps his butt.  The crowd went wild even if I doubt Martinez noticed it. The referee, in the meantime, walks over to Cruz and admonishes him for the gesture.

The moment packs power because this is not what boxing fans expect a gay man to do.  To stand over his opponent and own him with a simple gesture.

The fight was attended by a sell out crowd in Florida and was apparently extremely pro-Cruz. I for one welcome our homosexual combat champions. It’s just another glass ceiling being shattered in an increasingly open and tolerant world … how can you not dig that? And on the straight up ass kicking level, it’s also worth noting that Cruz finished his opponent off in the sixth round:

  • Jimsterjam

    “Finished his opponent off.” Keepin it classy, fightlinker.

  • iamphoenix

    They call him Handjob Cruz. because his fists.

  • CAP

    I’m sure that was a “happy ending” for him.

    I remember when Handy was super flaming and slapped Chito’s ass. That laid the groundwork.

  • frickshun

    I can’t believe this is fucking news. I’ve seen male athletes of all sexual orientation slap each other on the butt after a good play (me included). Gays must really scare the shit out of people to even report on this.

  • glassjawsh

    this is dumb, the fact that the only reason people are outraged over this is because this guy likes the cock shows how far we still have to go on these kinds of issues.

  • CAP