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Brandon Vera is a broken record

It seems like not a month goes by without Brandon Vera saying he’s gonna be back in action ‘soon’. I was getting worried because July was almost over and the only Vera sighting has been on that reality show Fight Girls. Hey, I don’t blame him … with the way the UFC’s HW division has been stacking up lately, I’d be hiding with the women too.

Anyways, Vera has finally popped back up spouting the same message he was saying last month and the month before and the month before. Fortunately for his fan, I think this time things might actually move forward. Not only has an actual arbitration date been set, but there’s some relatively solid rumor-mongering going over at UFCMania that the UFC is prepped to stick Vera in the octagon with erstewhile contender Andrei Arlovski. Yippy skippy. I love it when two guys I don’t like face off in the octagon … you’re pretty much guaranteed to see one of them get their asses kicked.

  • Jonathan

    When will Brandon Vera realize that with guys like CroCop and Nog coming INTO the UFC that he does not have the bargaining chip of a “weak heavyweight division” to use against Dana.

  • lazy larry

    Yah thats the thing, he’s somewhat talented, before the whole pride takeover and shifting of their division into the UFC he was probably the only guy left that hasn’t fought Sylvia or Arlovski. Now that they get all the pride guys he’s best bet is sign for less and make a name for himself… that or let dana white butt fuck him whatever’s easier for him…