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Brandon Vera’s better half is returning to the cage

Back when the UFC threw together a fight between Randy Couture and Brandon Vera in 2009, the guys at Strikeforce thought it was a good idea to match their wives up a week later. So it was Couture vs Vera, then Couture vs Vera again! Genius! Well, except for one small problem: Kim Couture should never have been allowed in the same cage as Kerry Vera. Kerry whupped that ass hard, making her the hero of everyone pissed at Kim for using the Couture name to jump right into televised fights.

Since then, we haven’t heard all that much from Kerry. But good news! It sounds like she’s getting ready to return to the mix:

“Kerry actually just started training two-and-a-half weeks ago,” Brandon said Monday on The MMA Hour. “She blew out her knee and when she blew out her knee, she fractured her spine, her o4, o5. It’s a super small hairline fracture. They couldn’t do any surgical procedures on it.”

Brandon said since no procedure was possible, all Kerry could do was wait for the year to a year-and-a-half for her spine injury to heal. Brandon guesstimates that Kerry is now 96% and is looking to return early next year, “maybe February-March.” Kerry remains under contract with Strikeforce.

Well that’s great. She’ll be back just in time to watch her promotion get shuttered. As for her husband Brandon, he’ll be fighting Eliot Marshall on the prelim portion of this weekend’s UFC 137 card. If his opponent wasn’t a sign of how far he’s fallen, consider this: the UFC needed a fight to move up onto the main card since GSP vs Carlos Condit is toast, and they went with Brad Tavares vs Dustin Jacoby instead.

  • Danjo

    Brandon, how far you’ve fallen.

    Still smile when I think of his wife kicking Kims’ ass though :D

  • glassjawsh

    made even worse by that fact that not only is Jacoby a newcomer to the UFC but he’s also a late replacement for Tim “busted as fuck” Creduer

  • CAP

    I’d watch Kerry Vera beat up Kim Couture again!

    As pointed out in other posts this event is not this weekend fyi.

  • agentsmith

    96%?  Well that sure is precise.  Not 90 or 95, exactly 96.  I’m curious how that was calculated.

  • Danjo

    ^ I imagine augery with pig shit tea leaves and bluejay intestines.

  • P W

    I thought Vera was fired from the UFC? *sigh*

  • CAP

    ^Thiago Silva pissed hot (non human) after he bongoed Vera so they let him back in.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    I love watching Kelly work.  Just crushed that woman’s soul.  She was the only one to get a KO on Fight Girls IIRC.

  • Grappo

    Glad to hear (anything) about Kerry.  I knew she hurt her knee a long fucking time ago, and that alone shouldn’t have been enough to keep her out this long.  Thought maybe she got knocked up or something.

  • iamphoenix

    wait, brandon vera is a woman? when the fuck did this happen?

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    wait, brandon vera is a woman? when the fuck did this happen?

    Diagnosed with shattered manhood.

  • Reverend Clint

    whats half of zero?

  • Roxy

    I was wondering what happened!  Kerry is talented!  I knew she hurt her knee, but I didn’t know she hurt her spine! ;_;