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Brazil stadium show derailed by noise bylaws???

From what I’ve heard from Chael Sonnen, Brazil is a lawless Mad Max society where roving gangs of piglet savages blowdart eachother in the streets after it gets dark. But according to this report from Bloody Elbow, it sounds like the country has dragged itself up towards civilization to the point where they have lame noise bylaws that prevent fun from happening past 10pm. That includes UFC Sambadrome events:

“We still do not have a decision on the UFC, but for me and to the Mayor (Gilberto Kassab), we’d like for it to happen in the Pacaembu (stadium). However, we have a legislation (in the city), and we have to respect a limit in the scheduling due to the noise. Because of this, it’s getting harder to hold events in São Paulo. Even in the Morumbi (stadium), there would be difficulties and I feel that, if this doesn’t work out, the UFC will have to look (for another city to host its event),” said Bebetto Haddad, the Secretary of Sports in Sao Paulo.

A non-profit organization called Viva Pacaembu, would be thrilled to bring the UFC to the stadium, but claims it needs to happen at the appropriate time slot:

“What is obvious is that this (event is going to show fights), but the type of show that accompanies this type of event brings in loud music, and this can’t happen. I believe they’ll have the common sense in finding another place (to hold the UFC)” – said the president of the Viva Pacaembu, Iênidis Benfati.

This is so stupid. A mega-UFC would flood the region with tens of thousands of fans who’d eat at local restaurants, sleep at local hotels, and pee on local residences. Estimates on the Toronto Skydome show pegged the economic impact of UFC 129 at $40 million bucks (aka 300 million shiny stones). But Viva Pacaembu is right … common sense dictates that they should do this somewhere else because noise after 10PM is a bigger deal.

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    Part of the problem is the Brazil PPVs don’t start the main card until after midnight (due to the time change). When Silva won’t appear until 3am or later the noise by law does have a bit of credence. Those fans are going to get craaaaaazy.

    Still, it would be amazing for the local economy. Raw deal.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Horrible.  This is a horrible decision and they’re horrible for having made it.

  • Spicoli

    Pretty lame about the noise.

    Also, think of all the people that can get mugged during this event. The local favela punks would benefit so much from this.


    I’m sure they’re angling for money from Zuffa. Lorenzo and Co. should tell them to have a nice day and head to Rio or some other city. Fuck em, their loss.

  • iamphoenix

    this shit cray.

  • noiseless

    i’m sure i left it around here somewhere..

  • Reverend Clint

    oh no thousands of trannies with out a place to go

  • CAP

    too many trannies in one place.