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Brazilian TUF displeased Anderson Silva

Brazilian TUF displeased Anderson Silva

The first season of TUF Brazil was a huge success, which made it all the more shocking when season 2 completely shit the bed. Globo TV stuffed it in a terrible timeslot, ratings plummeted, and people complained about the quality of the fights and the immature house hijinx. Sound familiar? How fast these international TUFs grow up!

And it wasn’t just fans complaining about how bad BTUF2 was. Anderson Silva also had some negative things to say about the show:

“The idea of showing how is a fighter’s life is wasn’t aired. The show didn’t please me.”

“There were vandalism scenes. I’ve never done such things in my whole career and I don’t approve it. I’d never destroy mattresses or a furniture set from a house. TUF lacked of the essence of martial arts. This is what the show needs to grow. Kids and sports fans see this on TV”.

“I’m not getting involved on this. I have no intentions in making part of TUF”.

In other hand, Anderson approved TUF Brazil Finale 2 (UFC Fortaleza): “There is no complains about the figths”.

Hey, at least no one was urinated on or ingested sperm  – although there are rumors of an un-aired incident that involved feces. Who’d have thought locking 16 people in a giant mansion would result in an inevitable decent into total fratdom?

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    Did you babblefish the translation or does he make that little sense in Portuguese as well as English? My fren…my fren?

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