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Brett Rogers thinks Dana White needs to man up


Brett Rogers was on the media trail last week in an attempt to convince people he isn’t a woman beating piece o’ shit. In addition to the above video on MMA Live, he also spoke to Full Contact Fighter:

“Don’t believe everything you read.  For me to do something (violent),” Rogers said, “you have to do something to me first.”

She hit me first, man. I just returned fire. Innocence!

“Everything got blown out of proportion,” Rogers continued.  “It’s over and done with.  My attorney is taking care of business and making sure things are straight and that I’m home where I need to be so I can provide.”

I dunno, thus far this lawyer has been the king of terrible statements. His latest:

MURAD MOHAMMAD (ATTORNEY): “The State is going to have some significant proof issues. The alleged victim is Brett’s wife and this is a family that’s been together for a long time, they love each other, and Miss Rogers at this point appears not willing to testify against Brett.”

The woman he hit ain’t willing to testify any more. Innocence! Well, if we all ignore the eye witness testimony, police report, and hospital report.

Meanwhile, Brett doesn’t seem to understand why Zuffa was so quick to cut him after news of the assault came out:

“They could have given me a little more respect,” said Rogers, who competed in a total of five Strikeforce bouts while spending two years with the promotion.  “I got out of jail and tried calling them, but no one picked up the phone or returned my calls.  I felt like people were just avoiding me, so I gave up.  Dana White needs to man up and pick up a phone.”

Yes, Dana is the one who needs to man up here. His behavior has been totally unacceptable. Maybe Brett will fight for them again, if he gets a proper apology and perhaps a fruit basket to smooth everything over.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Brett Rogers – the one Joe Son should’ve pistol-whipped and raped!

    What a worthless turd.

  • FiveBoltMain

    telling your ex boss that he needs to man up is an excellent way of getting your old job back.

  • scissors61

    somebody forgot to tell brett that the hype bubble popped a long time ago. 

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Brett needs to shut his fucking mouth and go back to tossin’ tires.  Although I almost wanna see him get hired so I can watch someone break their foot off in his fitch-ass.

  • kvelertak


  • SST

    Black men know how to handle black women.

  • iamphoenix

    Get a fucking razor and cut that shit off your head you look poor