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Brian Ebersole had a Tapout logo shaved into his chest at UFC 140

If the hair on a man’s chest is a true indicator of a man’s manliness, then Brian Ebersole certainly possesses a giant rooster. Already known for the “hairrow”, an arrow he shaved into his chest challenging his opponent to find his chin, Ebersole changed things up a bit for UFC 140. He had a Tapout logo shaved into his chest, in honor of both his sponsor and his opponent Claude Patrick’s submission skills. (‘Chest hair artist’ is one of those jobs I really, really want to have, and I would be willing to drop significant coin on training and licensure for such.)

Chest hair art is definitely a clever way around any regulations that may prevent fighters from using those henna tattoos to promote whomever is willing to pay, then betting all the sponsor money on themselves in their fights. Resident jackal Frickshun reminded me of this analogy as we were watching UFC 140 in a bar in Brooklyn; he then fended off my attempts to lure him into my “windowless van” and tie him up with duct tape by mentioning the LoJack device that his wife had inserted into his anus earlier in the evening.

We like to take pride in the fact that MMA has intelligent athletes, but according to Ebersole, no opponent has ever done what he tells them to do in chest hair-based communication despite the clear legibility of the furry signals. Warning: the video of Ebersole with the chest hair artist is kind of homoerotic. But it’s homoerotic in more of a Men’s Health kind of way than an amateur gay porn kind of way. That makes it acceptable to watch without photoshopping Justin Bieber’s head onto it.

  • SkippyKid

    This guy seems fun.. but a bit of a goofball..?

  • P W

    Age 10-16 = Play with the hair on your head

    Age 16-25 = Play with your facial hair

    Age 25 – death = Get a crew/buzz cut. Repeat regularly until bald. Choose either a full beard or no beard at all.

    Notice that at no point is it okay to get creative with any hair growing below your neck, unless you’re a pro swimmer, an aspiring porn actor, or if you have crash landed on a planet in outer space which happens to house a penal colony for the criminally insane, when a total body shave is acceptable.




  • Letibleu

    *Penile colony

  • iamphoenix


  • elitemmaclothing

    Not gonna lie hell of way to promote!!!

  • frickshun

    Yeah man, that’s so fucking kewl & shit so CHECK OUT MY AMAZING INNERTUBE SITE, IT’S THE BEST EVAH!!:

  • P W

    No one wants to acknowledge my Alien 3 reference earlier? Give me a high five! Anyone? Fuck.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    I love that movie but didn’t get it.  Full body shaves is common for repeat rapists to reduce forensic evidence, whether on a penile colon-ee or not.

  • G Funk

    Lice is a big issue in outer space colonies…

  • CAP

    DJ that sounds like inside information…

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Law & Order.  No, seriously.  Law & Order.

  • CAP

    Haha. Riiiiiight.