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Brian Stann is the man

Remember when Brian Stann was just considered an undeserving relic of the WEC’s tepid 205 pound division, kept around just because of his totally awesome war hero story? Now he’s 5-2 in the UFC, on a three fight win streak, and in a fight for a shot at the UFC middleweight belt. Sure, the shot is probably only being offered up because his fight with Chael Sonnen is all a big setup to get Chael back in the cage with Anderson Silva, but whatever. I’m really digging Stann now that he’s worked his way up to being a solid middleweight fighter. I hope he effs up the UFC’s plans, even if it does kinda screw up their plan to sell out a stadium in Brazil next year as well.

Above: the latest creative video the UFC has made for UFC 136. If that fly loves whatever’s going on with Brian’s face, it would LOVE Chael Sonnen. Every time that guy opens his mouth, shit comes out. After the jump: a pretty awesome breakdown of Stann’s training preparations from

  • Danjo

    I curse him for crushing leben, who has always been a sentimental favorite of mine.

    That said, I kindof dig Stan and hope he does well. Seems like a pretty cool cat.

  • CAP

    Hard for me to want Chael to win because of he is a super douche but a Silva rematch would be a fun ride.

  • kvelertak

    War Stann!

  • KeyboardWarrior

    Stann seems cool. Not gonna stop him from getting raped missionary for 3 rounds

  • Danjo

    I think Stann is stronger than Chael. I don’t see him getting dry humped to defeat, though it’s possible I suppose.

    If it stays on its’ feet, Stann will win. Chael, slick, magnificent bastard that he is, will not keep it on its’ feet for long. His ground game is better than Stann, but Stann will be able to muscle/scramble to his feet again and again.

    If Chael wins, it will be by decision.

    Stann wins by knockout or ref stoppage due to pummeling.

  • iamphoenix

    i used to root for chael sonnen, pre ufc days. i hope stann wins, he has the UFC gloves to do it.

  • glassjawsh

    chael sonnen buttfucking brian stann for 15 minutes is the 2nd saddest thing that will happen in mma over the next month.

    right after BJ getting out jitzed by nick diaz

  • frickshun

    Who the FUCK hacked into Phoeniggz account to talk about actual MMA related items?

  • kvelertak

    Sonnen is massively overrated, mostly because he looked so good against an injured Spider.

    Every wrestling fanboys wet dream.

  • iamphoenix

    i’m sorry. won’t happen again. i felt like a complete lame-o talking about the UFC.


    oh hey look it’s Dj Kitty

  • GypsyCurse

    war sonnen, i guess. fuck stann.

  • frickshun

    I would totes go to DJ Kitty’s next house party….

  • KeyboardWarrior

    I was also confused until DJ Kitty showed up.