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Brittney Palmer will totally get naked

Sometimes Dana White seems trapped in the 90s. He still likes Limp Bizkit and their fresh rap-metal sound. He keeps trying to rematch dudes from 1998. And he still thinks Playboy is a happening magazine.

That last one works out in our advantage because it means company approved naked Octogon Girls. Sure, the Arianny Playboy spread was pretty shitty. But it’s hard not to get excited about the prospects of recent WEC fold-in Brittney Palmer doing a shoot:

“I feel like, if they came to me and asked me, absolutely. But as of right now I haven’t been asked so I’m just chilling. Chillaxing in the chill zone. They haven’t asked me but if they do, I will.”

Putting an Octagon Girl in Playboy is like booking a great match: you have to get the timing right. I figure Brittney is about a year away from being popular enough with the fans to move magazines. We just have to hope there isn’t another ring girl purge in the meantime. When I think about all the tasteful boob n clam pictures we didn’t get with Natasha and Logan, it makes me cry a little.

  • G Funk

    I see sides and corners in her cleavage. Does round have corners?

  • agentsmith

    I like how the trainer looks like he’s gawking at her tits.

  • Letibleu

    Last time was nothing great. I remember getting as excited as a kid when the Sears catalog came around. Now, if we were talking Hustler…

  • CAP

    I would definitely check it out if some website leaked it!

  • Reverend Clint

    square boobs in a round bra

  • Simco

    I’d be interested if she got new implants.

  • glassjawsh

    anyone who says they won’t look is a filthy whore mouthed liar. that being said, I’d be MORE interested if she didn’t have sharp edged boobage

  • iamphoenix