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Brock is back and blowing up animals

Watch Brock Lesnar disintegrate prairie dogs with ridiculously oversized ammunition from his sponsor, Fusion Ammunition. More relevant to you as a fan of MMA, he also started out the video screaming “I’M BROCK LESNAR, AND I’M BACK”, later saying ‘my health is 100%, I feel great, my motivation is there, and I wanna become the UFC heavyweight champion again.” Now let’s kill some shit!!!

  • lukustra

    Brock picked the wrong day. Everyone is gitty about the deal, I could careless about Brock right now.

  • pafcharieh

    Beef jerky, really? i’m sure that’s great for the tummy!

  • CAP

    Hunting ground hogs, really? Only thing missing was him drinking Coors Light Bud Light.

  • Symbul

    Not many recreational activities I can get behind less than killing small animals for fun.

  • scissors61

    As a person who grew up around hunting this shit makes me sick. There’s literally no point, it’s just killing stuff for fun. It’s even worse than trophy hunting, which I hate. Brock Lesnar is a fucking moron.

  • X

    I agree, hunting with no point other than to kill is stupid and sickening.  Unless they ended up eating the disintergrated prairie pups…. With that said, I do like how Brock was able to toss the “Jimmy Johns” and “Jack Links” products into the vid, very classy and professional to his sponsors.  I’m guessing he was too full to eat the puppies.

  • X

    Those gifs rule too btw.

  • frickshun

    Fucking hate guns.

  • nem0

    Whee, varmit huntin’. The little fuckers like to eat their dead anyway, so he’s just accelerating the circle of cannibalistic prarie dog life.

  • netterbog

    Since when does prarie dog “hunting” deserve a MacGruber-esque, words-flying-in-front-of-an-explosion introduction?

  • scissors61

    since certain people (ahem) lap that shit up 

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Wait, he’s hunting something smaller than a dog with a five-oh?  He’s definitely trying to RIP IT INTO PIECES!!!

    .. naw.  Not the same.

  • greenseed

    lol @ eating the jerk after the div


  • OnlineRehab

    For those of you folks who shed a tear hippie style, take a quick Google trip. Those little dogs fuck shit up when they are over populated. Mother Nature takes them out naturally with disease, but not before a few livestock and farmers are exposed first.

    Would you be as teary eyed for some rats in your neighborhood?

    .50 cal? Whatever. Free ammo, and it does a better job.

  • iamphoenix

    Lesnar is just a dumb fucking redneck. Nothing i hate more than wonderbread walking around in gay ass cowboy hats and boots. I wish his gun backfired and blew his chest cock right off his chest.

  • scissors61


    Would you be as teary eyed for some rats in your neighborhood?

    There’s a difference between pest control and shooting animals because it gets you off. I say that as a person who’s been a licensed hunter since the age of 12. 
  • ghostboner

    Am I witnessing a crowd of people who love watching other people get kicked in the face crying about prairie dogs getting shot? Interesting…

    My 2 cents, anyone who can shoot a .50BMG from the hip is on roids, and lots of em. Don’t be surprised when it comes out that Brock has a therapeutic use exemption for TRT. And that he is wildly abusing it.

  • Letibleu

    You all are missing the entire point, this was a viral marketing attempt for a new product line. Dont knock it till you try it.


  • frickshun

    Skizz is licensed to hunt. Meat. Man meat. Since he was 12.

  • CAP


  • scissors61

    a sexy man is the most dangerous game of all, frick 

  • ghostboner

    That quote sounds familiar. Ernest Hummingwang, was it?

  • scissors61

    ten points to grippincock 

  • iamphoenix

    Thanks for noticing cap.

  • thingvolds

    what a pos