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Brock Lesnar is a treat to train with

Back when Brock Lesnar first entered MMA he countered a lot of the unworthy n00b accusations by filling his gym with a who’s who of coaching staff and training partners. While you can’t really beat having guys like Greg Nelson and Erik Paulson teach you, I wasn’t quite buying Lesnar as a patient sponge willing to take his lumps while learning his trade. Nik Lentz’s tale fits much better into my pre-conceived notions of what training with Drooly McPenis Sword would be like:

“I did roll with him one time and number one, it was really gross because the dude sweats like a ridiculous amount so I was just covered in Brock Lesnar sweat, like just dripping in his own sweat but then he was kinda messing around and I jumped on a guillotine and I wound up eventually tapping him out and then he actually got kinda angry and the next time that we started, he just picked me up above his head WWE-style and like threw me across the room so that was the end of my training with Brock. I got him one time. I jumped on the guillotine because he wasn’t ready for it and I choked him out and then after that I got thrown across the room.”

Yep, sounds about right.

  • Reverend Clint

    maybe lentz wouldnt have been trown if he was a real man… ie weighed the same as gina

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    Still sounds better than training with hector lombard…

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    This settles it – Brock needs to train with Lombard.

    All the time.

  • frickshun

    He definitely sounds like a bitch based on this account.

  • noiseless

    ego, it’s a bitch..

  • CAP

    Typical bully front runner. Can’t wait til the Reem sends him back to WWE.