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Brock Lesnar’s mystery entourage member

As Dana White would say, it’s fight week / blog week and the UFC has the first UFC 142 vlog up. As usual these days it goes behind the scenes at the previous UFCs and shows a lot of footage of dudes being taped up, checked out, and hanging out. My favorite moment was Brock Lesnar’s arrival with this interesting addition to his camp. Who is this guy??? My guess: his personal manscaper. What, you think Brock achieves that mathematically exact level of Kid N Play action on his own?

Also worth checking out: the 7:00 minute mark where Dana pleads for the Diaz brothers to ‘Be cool, all right? Everybody be cool!’ and not start a post-fight riot. The entire vblog after the jump.

(thanks to the eagle-eyed strangechild3000 for the find)

*UPDATE* Also after the jump, a video featuring Brock’s “manager / agent / lawyer”, as dug up by jackal zeke. It almost doesn’t look like the dude, but how many strange mohawked people does Brock Lesnar keep around anyways? I wonder if Chad Stryker also happens to have that particular cut?

  • CAP

    Yeah I thought that guy didn’t really fit into the Lesnar camp. Fucking strange unless maybe it’s a UFC gopher to lead fighters around.

    I’m gonna have to watch this and hope to see Dana console Fitch with a straight face. And hope to see Lesnar crying.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Am I the only one looking at the screencap?  Clearly he’s carrying Brock’s DeathClutch.

  • CAP

    …or barber kit.

  • zeke

    That’s Brock Lesnar’s manager/agent/attorney.

  • Patrick79x

    That is fucking hilarious DJ

  • zeke
  • agentsmith

    I spotted him in the last episode of The Reem, but forgot to mention him in the post.  That’s what I get for writing it at like 3 in the morning I guess.

  • Spicoli

    Nice find!

  • CAP

    Lesnar and the carny posse! Please don’t go it’s just getting good!

  • CAP

    I know I crap on Cock Chestnar every chance I get but the guy could have gotten a better camp instead of hanging with his fat wrestler buddies. He wouldn’t get out of his comfort zone and that is what held him back imo. Well that and he fears flying leather.

  • kwagnuth

    I’m pretty sure he has a machine gun in that breif case.

  • noiseless

    i totally see those fellas spoon

  • epic

    Definitely big spoon little spoon.

    Dude has some crazy accomplishments. Throws them all away with his snooki poof-hawk.

  • frickshun

    That is just the physical manifestation of Brock’s diverticulitis.

  • greenseed

  • CAP

    ^Bwahahahahah pretty spot on!

  • JudgeIto

    This is his profile (with a normal haircut):

    Turns out he is Cole Konrad, Tony Ferguson, and Death Clutch’s attorney as well.

    For anyone who cares, NYU’s tax LLM is the best in the country…dude is pretty smart.

  • Jack