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Browser Crasher – Conor F’ing McGregor

The Mad Irishman tooling up Marcus Brimage at UFC on FUEL 9 from back in April

The inimitable and notorious Mr. McGregor returns to the Octagon this Saturday in Boston, facing off against Max Holloway at UFC Fight Night 26 (AKA UFC Fight Night: Shogun vs. Sonnen,  AKA UFC on Fox Sports 1: Shogun vs. Sonnen).  The man is a whirlwind of violence, having delivered fistic eff you’s to 12 of his 15 opponents.  Seriously, 15 fights, 13 wins, 13 finishes, with only 2 bouts going to the 2nd round.  He is a man of action, and such men deserve recognition.  So prepare to have your browser crashed as we take a look at what makes Conor McGregor so damn awesome.

Cage Warriors Fight Night 2  –  9/8/11
vs. Aaron Jahnsen – TKO – RD 1 – 3:29


                                                        TD Defense | Striking Exchange | Exchange & TD Reversal | Brutal Scramble Strikes | FINISH HIM

^^ clicky for more gifs


Tons more after the jump!

Cage Warriors 45 – 2/18/12
vs. Steve O’Keefe – KO – RD 1 – 1:33


Opening Salvo | Slow-mo Attack | FINISH HIM

Cage Warriors 47 – 6/2/12
vs. Dave Hill – Submission – RD 2 – 4:10
-Featherweight Title Bout-


Aggro Opening | Strikes | Vicious GNP | Nice Exchange | Head Kick Knockdown | Knee to Hook | Hungry Predator | Head Kick Knockdown #2 | Ground Smash | FINISH HIM

Cage Warriors 51 – 12/31/12
vs. Ivan Buchinger – KO – RD 1 – 3:40
-Lightweight Title Bout-


       Stylin‘ | More Stylin’ | SO MUCH STYLIN’ | FINISH HIM

UFC on Fuel 9 – 4/6/13
vs. Marcus Brimage – TKO – RD 1 – 1:07


Always Be Aggressive | Snackin’ on Combos | FINISH HIM (real time) | FINISH HIM (slow)

Celtic Gladiator 2 – 6/11/2011
vs. Artur Sowinski – TKO – RD 2 – 1:12

Class is in Session | Dayum. | FINISH HIM


There’s also this fella… though I haven’t got a name.

And here’s Conor’s last loss; a submission to Joseph Duffy from November 2010 at Cage Warriors 39.


  • CAP

    Awesome thanks Grappo! I was going to look into this guy closer he had a great interview on Josh Gross’s podcast and the guy sounds like he’s worth rooting for.

  • Grappo

    He’s probably the most aggressive fighter I can think of. From the bell he’s coming forward and throwing shots (surgically though, not wanging up the place). Dude just goes for it. This fight is going to be sick.

  • brent brookhouse

    Thanks for the Gifs

    I had only seen one Mcgregor fight before and wasn’t all that impressed because his opponent was weak

    But those gifs look pretty impressive
    I’m going to have to pay some attention to him now