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Browser Crasher: Non-UFC GSP


I guess doing air-takedowns and shadow-GNP isn’t as impressive to watch.





Georges St-Pierre vs. Ivan Menjivar

UCC 7: Bad Boys – 1-25-20021st Pro Fight

This was a decent scrap that went all over the place.  Unfortunately they had James Toney reffing the fight and the moron had no idea what he was doing.  Poor Menjivar was the only one who paid the price for the ref’s incompetence though.  First he was fingerbanged by a bad break in action after he was finally able to get his hands on GSP, and then later, fucked at full force in his mouth and anus by a bullshit stoppage.


Exchange | GSP Aggression & TD Defense | Menjivar GNP

Exchange | GSP TD | GSP GNP | Dance Dance Ref-olution

BS Break | Menjivar TD | Up-n-Down | BS Stoppage


-the rest of the fights after the jump-



GSP vs Justin Bruckmann

UCC 10 – 6-15-2002 – 2nd Pro Fight

GSP lays a clinic on this poor dude.  Bruckmann is taken down and pounded repeatedly until he finally gets subbed with more than a minute and a half left in the first round.  We also get to see the first instance of GSP’s tactic of slamming his opponent’s head into the mat.

TD | Guard Pass | Elbows | Mount

TD | Head Slam | GNP | Armbar Finish




GSP vs. Travis Galbraith

UCC 11 – 10-11-2002 – 3rd Pro Fight

At this point, GSP knows where his bread is buttered.  Get the guy down and beat the shit out him.  He was super aggressive from the beginning, immediately getting the takedown.  Galbraith was shit out of luck as soon as it hit the mat.  Oh, and the mysterious spitting cornerman made his first TV appearance.

TD | Side to Mount | Re-Takedown | Slam

Sub Escape | The Finish | Celebration | Celebration




GSP vs. Thomas Denny

UCC 12 – 1-25-2003 – 4th Pro Fight

Another epic ass-beating, and GSP’s first fight to go past the 1st round.  Pretty much all effective offense was on the part of St-Pierre.  The scrappy Denny was little more than punching bag/grappling dummy, but showed a lot of heart.  Unfortunately, another GSP fight was slightly marred by a bullshit stoppage.  The ref called a halt after GSP’s knee opened a small cut under Denny’s eye

Return of the spitting cornerman | TD Attempt to Exchange

TD | Knees | Head Slams | Knee | Head Kick to TD

Scramble to TD | TD | Knee to Head | TD

Stoppage | Stoppage -slo




GSP vs Pete Spratt

TKO 14 – 11-29-20035th Pro Fight

Another fight that went straight to ground, and boy was it fun to watch.  GSP gets a TD early, eventually working to full mount.  Spratt tries to buck out of it, but GSP’s grip around Pete’s head allows him to keep his balance, and ends up getting Spratt’s back.  Spratt ends up reversing GSP and getting in some GNP.   GSP lands a FUCKING INCREDIBLE SWEEP that probably has a technical name that I’m not nerdy enough to know.  After that, GSP gets in some poundage on the ground (including a sweet shoulder slam) that causes Spratt to give up his back.  GSP finishes him in epic fashion with a rear naked choke.

TD | Side to Full Mount | Sweep Att. Gsp Gets back Control

Spratt reverses | Spratt GNP | GSP Sweeps

GNP | The Finish




GSP vs Dave Strasser

TKO 19 – 1-29-2005 – 9th Pro Fight

At this point, GSP had fought in the UFC three times already, beating Karo Parisyan and Jay Hieron, and having just lost a title bout against Matt Hughes at UFC 50.  It was a quick tune-up bout (annihilation) as GSP got the takedown, passed to side control, and finished Strasser with a wicked kimura about 2 minutes into the first round.

TD | Side Control | Kimura Finish | Celebration



  • FiveBoltMain

    Even in his early fights you could tell that GSP was special.

  • Jim Harbaugh Scramble

    Ricco Rodriguez approves of the on GSP’s back. wonder how many loonies he got for that.

  • Capt.Shank

    About 25 toonies worth

  • Letibleu

    I was at the Thomas Denny fight. It was my first MMA event in person. The knee broke his cheek bone. It also was one of the corniest entrances I ever saw live.

  • frickshun

    Grappo–>you are the motherfucking man (in spite of eating dick w/your hungry asshole on the reg)!!

    This post could be in a fucking MMA Hall of Fame exhibit. I hope Ryan appreciates your effort & rewards you handsomely in clearance aisle jelly beans.

    Also, GSP’s whole early career is built on fighting TINY FUCKING PEOPLE. Jesus fuck does he just power through all those guys on size & athleticism. Menjivar was giving him all he could handle (@ least in the gifs) & dude is fighting at 135 now, yes?

    PS: Bernard Hopkins was the 1st pugilist to have a GoldenPalace.Com henna tat on his back. He was a big dog against Trinidad. They paid him 100k I think. He bet it right in the casino they fought @. Dude won & almost tripled the sponsor money. It was a crazy spectacle when he 1st came out but it damn sure paid off!!

  • G Funk

    GSP not wanting to fight Andy(bigger guy) is nothing new. As frick said, they’re all smaller than him. If he had “trouble” being matched up with anyone heavy-er or small-er, I can’t help but think he got past the issues when it came to the ‘lil dudes.

  • StonedFighter

    Agreed that this is a great post. Thank you for not sucking.

    Mysterious spitting cornermen…I bet there’s baby oil in those water bottles.

  • Blackula Jonez

    Once again, damn fine work Grappo. Even bloody elbow is giving props, every body loves them some georges.


  • Letibleu

    Back then fighters were changing weight more often than their underwear just to get fights. St Pierre I remember had trouble being matched up with simply anyone heavy or small. Those that could were being sucked up by the UFC. The heavier guys weren’t cutting weight, they would just go against David Loiseau @ 185. Those that didnt cut to 155 faced Steve Vigneault @ 170 before facing GSP. Vigneault was the third Tristar member in the trio GSP, Loiseau and Vigneault. They refused to fight. When GSP left, Vigneault became the champ.

  • agentsmith

    ^ On that note, here’s a centuries-old one that I read in a castle in Switzerland:

    What is the most joyful thing in all the world?  ‘Tis a fart!  For it sings from its birth until it fades away.

  • Letibleu

    G Funk, I like you but here you are talking about stuff that you dont know about (GSP’s beginning). UCC (the first organization he fought for) was the matchmaker and he took anything they could setup for him. The only match he ducked was Vigneault because they were both in the Tri Star trio (GSP, Vigneault Loiseau). Back then the founder of Tri Star Gym (Connrad Plas) acted as the manager for his fighters at the time.

    Light fighters only started going below 170 in weight in later years because there were almost no 155-pound and below leagues out there. Bigger guys than 170 fought at their respective weight classes (of which loiseau was the belt holderin UCC).

    Guys back then almost never cut. Only pure wrestlers did. GSP was an exception. The present accusation/arguement against GSP would also hold true for every true 170 pounder welterweight champ dating back to the stone age.

    MMA in the past was a very different pasture than it is today.

    Ok, back to dick and fart jokes.

  • glassjawsh

    funny how they slip in BE reader before mentioning he’s a FUCKING CONTRIBUTOR on this site. what a bag of dicks

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Fucking sick post Grappo, but that’s nothing really new is it?  Are you gonna throw some Shields our way too?

    funny how they slip in BE reader before mentioning he’s a FUCKING CONTRIBUTOR on this site. what a bag of dicks

    Well, besides being a longtime Jackal and GIF-sifu, he’s also contributed to tons of Judo chops before he contributed any interchange formats this way. But they are a bag of dicks

  • glassjawsh
  • Grappo

    glad you folks dig it.

    GSP was a bad bad man from the start.

    The knee broke his cheek bone.

    wow, did not know that. 


    Are you gonna throw some Shields our way too?

    Ha, I dunno.  I’d have to find the time to rewatch (and find) a whole bunch of Shields fights.  Maybe a piece just focusing on the finishes or something could be doable. 

  • Letibleu

    GSP was a bad bad man from the start.

    The knee broke his cheek bone.

    wow, did not know that.

    Yeah if you look at the exact moment of impact with the knee to the cheekbone GSP appears to pop an erection under his cup.

  • frickshun

    ^^1st of all, he doesn’t wear a cup. It’s a codpiece.
    2nd, the boner was in your mind only. Please stop using your imagination.