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Browser Crasher: Ring of Combat, Fight For Wrestling, Cage Warriors, Titan FC


Chris Liguori vs. John Salgado
Liguori via KO, 4:12 of Round 3


Tom DeBlass vs. Mike Stewart
Deblass via TKO, 3:07 of Round 1


Al Iaquinta vs. Gabriel Miglioli
Iaquinta via TKO, 0:26 of Round 1


~tons more action after the break!~


Deividas Taurosevicius vs. Ronnie Rogers
Taurosevicius via Submission (RNC), 2:24 of Round 2





Preston Scharf vs. Josh Thornburg
Scharf via KO, 0:19 of Round 1


Lewis Gonzalez vs. Mark Bonilla
Gonzalez via submission (punches), 0:45 of Round 1

Technically stopped because of the punches, but that knee was the real fight-ender.


Lance Palmer vs. Larry Criss
Palmer via Unanimous Decision


Darren Crisp Jr. vs. Cruz Gomez
Crisp Jr. via TKO, 3:17 of Round 2

Nasty guillotine attempt





Brian Foster vs. Jack Mason
Foster via Submission (Guillotine), 2:15 of Round 1

Foster has had it tough as of late.  He had to pull out of UFC 129 because of a fucking BRAIN HEMORRHAGE.  After having brain surgery to fix his shit, he found himself in the operating room again, this time having a testicle removed after he got kicked in the groin so hard his ball burst.  He was out of commission for close to a year, and apparently the UFC gave him permission to take some tuneup fights outside the promotion.  This was his first.  The second one he won by first round armbar.  Time to bring this guy back into the fold. 



Joe Duffy vs. Ivan Musardo
Musardo via Submission (Guillotine), 4:25 of Round 4  

Everyone expected Duffy to run through Musardo just like he ran through all his previous opponents, but dude, this guy was tough as boiled leather.  Musardo walked through punches and kicks that should’ve put him out, and always came back swinging.  I don’t think Duffy was prepared for such a grinding fight against such a hardnosed opponent, and started to wear down in the later rounds.  It was kinda funny how silent the completely pro-Duffy crowd was after Musardo tapped him.

GNP, failed sweep | Ivan throwing down | Duffy strikes | WAR


Brad Wheeler vs. Kevin Donnelly
Wheeler via Submission (RNC), 1:51 of Round 3

Roly Poly


Dayman Lake vs. Rab Truesdale
Lake via Submission (Arm Triangle), 1:24 of Round 1


Graham Turner vs. Ashleigh Grimshaw
Turner via Split Decision

Trade & clinch war | Turner combo | Turner GNP | Grimshaw rocks Turner




Andrew Whitney vs. Laramie Shaffer
Whitney via KO, 0:21 of Round 1

“The Beast” seems an apt nickname.

AW head kick | AW shrugs and swings | KO real time w/ backflip


Anthony Gutierrez vs. Shane Hutchinson
Gutierrez via Submission (Anaconda Choke), 1:05 of Round 1

Sharkbait is fo real.

Combo & TD | Slo alt angle finish


James Krause vs. Sean Wilson
Krause via Submission (Guillotine), 2:39 of Round 1


Brett Rogers vs. Eddie Sanchez
Sanchez via Split Decision

The only interesting part of the fight is when Eddie split his leg open throwing a kick.


Jamie Varner vs. Dakota Cochrane
Cochrane via Unanimous Decision

This fight was AWESOME. 

I’m not a Varner hater.  Yeah he’s a bit douchey, but he’s a tough dude, and I like his fighting style.  People call him a bitch for “playing up” his injury after the illegal knee in the Cerrone fight, but I believe him when he says that he couldn’t see out of his eye.  He wasn’t even complaining about the broken hand and foot that he suffered in the bout.  Then there’s the Shalorus fight where he got kicked in the balls about 8 bajillion fucking times and kept fighting to a draw that he probably should have won, had the ref done his job and docked Kamal a point (or two or three).  In this fight he takes the ass beating of a lifetime (no pun intended) against gay pornstar Dakota Cochrane.  Cockrain is a fucking juggernaut.  And huge (no pun intended).  He bullied and beat Varner from bell to bell, but Varner never gave up.   The referee shit the bed in the last round when Varner lost his mouthpiece, and Jamie ended up eating some nasty elbows that split his mouth open. Look at him wince in pain on the 2nd elbow.  Even when they were back standing, the mouthpiece wasn’t replaced, and Varner took more bah-rutal shots to the mouth that had him spitting blood.  After the fight Varner tweeted that he was done fighting, but quickly deleted it and has since scheduled a fight on October 21 against Nate Jolly at XFC 14. 

DC push kick | Varner TD | DC sweep | DC head kick | Don’t taunt him Varner

Varner nice counter | GNP no mouthpiece | More GNP no mouthpiece

Varner hail mary flying triangle attempt



  • CAP

    Great stuff as usual Grappo!

    What is the deal in that 3rd gif? That kick doesn’t even look close.

  • glassjawsh

    ^ looks like he took a pretty bad toeing (toe skull fuck?) to the eyeball on that, rough

    forgot the (no pun intended) after you said varner took “bah-rutal shots to the mouth” from a gay porn star

    also, who the fuck is josh thornburg waving to after he gets put down with that vicious left from scharf?

  • Blackula Jonez

    Awesome work Grappo yet again.


    I wouldn’t blame Varner for hanging up the gloves, wasn’t he going to medical school or some shit.  PHD holders get as much ass as fighters don’t they, the quality may not be the same but the quantity should even out in the long run.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    yeah, the quality will contain less STDs.  He should go back to school. 

    So much fun here Grappo.  I’m leaving this open to come back during tasks at the office tonight.  Thanks man.

  • Grappo

    What is the deal in that 3rd gif? That kick doesn’t even look close.

    Yeah as Jawsh said, he got toed in the eyeball.  Hope they checked that the fighters trimmed their nails down.   I’m not sure what the rules say about accidental eyepokes that don’t come from fingers.  I’ve seen fights that aren’t stopped when a guy gets punched directly in the eye with a dude’s knuckles (padded but still) and the ref tells him it was clean,  and I’ve seen fights where the ref does stop the action after an eye punch… maybe he thought it was a poke-poke.  Is it only a poke if it comes from a digit?  If so then they should’ve given Miglioli time to recover.

    forgot the (no pun intended) after you said varner took “bah-rutal shots to the mouth” from a gay porn star

    Hah,  I realized pretty quickly that just about EVERY description of MMA fighting can be construed in a homoerotic way and gave up… but that one was screaming for it.




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  • Grappo

  • iamphoenix

    lol they be playing video games but they be looking like they be jacking off

  • Blackula Jonez

    omg rtf are they doing