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Bucky Boyd is back!

Earlier this year we discovered The Rough N Rowdy Brawl, a toughman competition held out in West Virginia that not only featured some of the most interesting local fighters ever, but also has a Youtube channel devoted to their WWE style rantings. Best of them all (and trust me, there’s stiff competition) was Bucky Boyd, aka the McDowell County Giant. Now he returns for another tournament and another video. Enjoy!

  • CAP

    “Sloth love Chunk”

  • Thatguy

    Bucky The Bear Boyd for POTUS… We just need to work on his past, present and future tense of ran and run.

  • iamphoenix

    just pause it at 2:02.

    and…who the fuck is this dude?

  • Mal

    This guy couldn`t pay attention if it smacked him up side the head .WTF language does he speak ,DIS ,DER AND DAT .All I hear is aner ner ner ner ner Pickup truck .Do not put him in the same room as the cast of honey boo boo