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Bye bye Rousey / Cyborg superfight

This is supposed to be the year of big UFC superfights – real ones, not borderline ones like Aldo-Edgar – but I certainly don’t see Anderson Silva fighting GSP or Jon Jones this year. And now it looks like Ronda Rousey vs Cris Cyborg won’t happen either. After over a month of back and forth arguments about weight and Cyborg’s ‘desire to fight Ronda’, Cris has asked for a release. Via a ridiculously dressed Tito Ortiz:

She says I would love to do a three fight deal, fourth fight would be against Ronda. Let’s get it done at 140. Not be a fight for 135 pound championship. Do it at 140.

For her to get down to 135 pounds is physically impossible…for a woman. For a man it’s a lot more possible because we have a lot more water weight to take off. For Cris Cyborg to get down to that weight she’s gotta be three to four percent body fat and I’ve talked to her. She says she wants to start a family later on, she wants to have kids, and that’s what…family is what it’s truly about.

Right now we’re waiting for the UFC to release her. We’ve asked for the UFC to release her. I talked to Dana [White] yesterday. They gave an offer, I went to Cyborg, she said she didn’t want to do it. So we just asked for her release. If they’re not having a 145 pound weight class, what else can she do? So as of now she’s going to be released and maybe we’ll go look somewhere else.

This sucks because it was finally sounding like Dana White was cracking on the weight class issue:

“If that’s what [Santos] is willing to do is go to 140, let’s let Ronda defend her title a few times and see if Ronda wants to go to 140,” said White during the UFC 156 media scrum. “If I know Ronda, she probably would anyway, so let’s see what happens. But if [Santos] wants to fight for a title and have a title fight, she has to go to 135 pounds.”

But I guess Cyborg wasn’t super hyped about waiting around for Ronda to ‘defend her title a few times.’ The former 145 champ has only fought twice in the past three years and you know these women aren’t making big bucks. Where will she go? Who knows, but it would amaze me if Bellator didn’t take the opportunity to lock up a fighter they could present at the top of their women’s division who is just as legit and badass as Rousey.

  • frickshun

    Haha….Tito playing hardball w/Zuffa It looks like they took the ball & went home!!

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    “I would love to do a three fight deal, fourth fight would be against Ronda.”

    “But I guess Cyborg wasn’t super hyped about waiting around for Ronda to ‘defend her title a few times.’”

    Are you taking math lessons from Tito? This would work out perfectly on both sides.

    So why doesn’t he say what went so wrong in the last month and a half of the FREE Dolce diet to make her give up already?

    How’s her muscle mass doing after “firing” the person who slipped her those steroids without her knowledge?

    Rrrrright. We all know what the problem here is.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    BTW, just watched the video, and it reminded me of another bit of BS here: water weight is shed from muscles. Most women don’t have as much muscle as her so they can’t cut as much as men do. Think Tibau at 155 (holy shit) and Thiago Alves at 170.

    But Rice and Bas ask no follow-up questions about any of the contradictory shit here.

    In the end it doesn’t matter, if she doesn’t wanna do it she doesn’t wanna do it.

  • Nachtfalter

    Good grief, Ryan, do you seriously think any fight involving Cris Cyborg could be more of a superfight than Aldo/Edgar? Seriously? I don’t care about that fight one damn bit. Ronda can fight a cardboard cutout of Kimo Leopoldo and get just as much publicity as she would fighting a Brazilian steroid freak. Sucks for Cris that there’s no competition at her natural weight class, but them’s the breaks. I hope she can make some money fighting poor overmatched losers in Brazil or something, but I really don’t give a fuck if she’s fighting Ronda or not.

  • Reverend Clint

    who gives a shit… let roidy go back to fighting scrubs in the jungle

  • agentsmith

    This is Tito’s “I obviously have smart things to say, cause I’m dressed like a nerd” outfit.

  • kwagnuth

    Yeah it seemed Bas could have asked some tougher questions. I’m sure he can see through the bullshit. Cyborg just fucked herself.

  • Letibleu

    Dont take this at face value. Think about it. Why would Tito come out publicly say he asked UFC to release Cyroid?

    Negotiations march on…

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    You think he’s farming for offers? Bellator? Invicta? Bellator seems like the biggest money shot for her since they might grab her to just to add a name and claim they got the female Zuffa’s champ won’t fight. Find a bloated Japanese girl for her to dain bramage once a year.

  • Letibleu

    Since Viacom took over Bellator they havent held a female fight, and dont plan to in their next 6 events. They have been releasing their female fighters (including zoila gurgel).

    The UFC deal offered to cyborg is to pay her lots of money to fight in Invicta(thats right, UFC pays her to fight in Invicta) while they figure out if their WMMA experiment works.

    Tito is not farming for better offers outside the UFC. Viacom doesnt do chicks apparently and Invicta alone wont pay even close to what the UFC will pay.

    Tito used the same tactic when negotiating for himself. The UFC had let him walk if you remember. He ended up coming back with his tail between his legs. Tito is a terrible manager.

  • Letibleu
  • DJ ThunderElbows

    That’s an excellent point Leti! I didn’t think about the Bellator and Spike against women fighting angle.

    He’s dumber than I thought unless WSOF is gonna put on women’s fights.

  • kvelertak

    So why even have this division?

  • CAP

    I think Cyborg should challenge Dana to a boxing match.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Kveltertak – they dumped the division after the steroid pop. Stripped her of the title.

  • frickshun

    Leddy–>that gif is comedy gold!! The rest of you can suck a dick b/c you’re boring & nobody loves you.

  • Letibleu

    It comes down to Tito not being good at negotiations. He thinks he is good, but he isnt.

    Also proves a second point, That bitch is dumb as a bag of rocks to hire Tito.