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Calling Bullshit on the Jones-Gustafsson Decision? You’re Stupid.

Calling Bullshit on the Jones-Gustafsson Decision? You’re Stupid.

Okay, I get it. You saw the Jon Jones-Alexander Gustafsson fight at UFC 165 last Saturday, and you heard Joe Rogan and Goldy talking about how Gustafsson might have just taken the belt off the champ. Then, he didn’t, and you were outraged, because things are always supposed to go how you (vicariously through Joe Rogan) saw them. Heck, you might have even remembered last week’s indisputably bad Mayweather-Alvarez scorecard and resulting dick tuck by judge C.J. Ross and opined from your barstool or armchair that something has to change, because this is just getting silly. You probably thought that Gustafsson not being the champ was the greatest injustice since last week.

Well, it turns out that you were wrong, lemming of Rogan… Jones actually did deserve to win. MMAMania copied and pasted the FightMetric results from the fight, and not only does FightMetric have Jones prevailing, the two fighters’ total performance ratings (55-43) and effectiveness scores (355-303) aren’t even that close. The fighters weren’t too far apart in any striking or grappling category except for leg kicks, which Jones dominated 53-15. Because so many of those leg kicks were potentially career-ending kneecap destroyers, those assholish strikes deserve especially favorable consideration while crunching the numbers.

True combat sports fans need to learn to see the difference between good and bad decisions before athletic commissions can be held to higher standards of judging. Your uproar over accurate decisions could be used as evidence to support do-nothing bureaucrats like Keith Kizer in insisting that nothing be done. Please turn your speakers off, remove your head from your ass, and only protest decisions that are really, really bad. Thank you and have a nice week, Dick.

  • mmadonjuan

    What a load of drivel!

    Jones got beat up and lost the first three rounds! How can you apply statistics in a dynamic environment? Fight-metric would have registered a high 5 as a strike. Jones may have landed 50 plus leg kicks but did you see one welt on Gus’ pasty white complexion? No neither did I. What I did see what a champ that looked like he had just been chewed up and spat out. So tell me, how are the Jon Jones leg kicks differentiated within fight metrics from the face mangling strikes thrown by Gus?

    I would also go so far as to say that Rogan, while pointing out JBJ may have lost his belt was over commenting on everything JBJ did, and almost came off as a fanboy. So by your own yard stick you must have bought into his BS if you think that JBJ won that fight!

    That said, I would pay to match these two fight every week, and both men went sky high in my estimations.

  • Voice of Reason

    This is fucking horrible writing. Joe was actually wrong when saying Gus took kicks to the head, as he actually blocked (but only with his right arm so it looked like he didn’t block them) Sorry, we’re not lemmings of Rogan.

    Fans have seen thousands of fights. They know when a guy is pummeling the other guy’s face, while the other guy is only touching your knees with his foot. Judges don’t know wtf they’re doing. If they can’t even get it right in boxing where there’s just punches to the upper body, how can they get it right when you have so many things?

    Career-ending kneecap strikes deserve extra points? Are you fucking kidding me? That’s like saying I should be scored more points if I do eyepokes because they could be career ending. Knee kicks are easy to do and have low risk. It’s more difficult to angle off and fuck up your opponent in the face, which is exactly what Gus did.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think Jones won 4-5. And going in I thought Jones would get easy decision. But when you come out looking like black JDS post-cain 2, and your opponent just looked like he had a jog, you lost the fucking fight. Even if we go by round then Gus 1-3.

    Fightlinker, you need to stop letting idiots write pieces like this. Of course, we can disagree but he can at least try to write better and use better arguments. Dickface, fuck off and come back when you can think with your brain and not your dick. You probably thought Machida beat Shogun in their first fight too.

  • glassjawsh

    first round clearly went to Gus, 5th clearly went to JBJ. The middle 3 were close enough that one cannot be blamed for their interpretation of who won them. Thats a reality that the haters are just going to have to deal with. I’ve yet to see a cogent argument to the contrary that stems beyond “gustafsson won! I know because I hate Jon Jones so goddamn much”.

    however, I think everyone on both sides of the argument can agree that this post is a butthole sangwich of nonsense, and only serves to incense the tinfoil hat mongoloids further. piss poor.

  • glassjawsh

    and voice of reason’s “Gus won because of how fucked up bones’ face looks!” hypothesis is just. so. laughably. stupid. lololol. people bruise at different rates buddy. some people have leather skin (a la old school BJ Penn) and some guys seemingly start bleeding before they leave the locker room (Frankie Edgar comes to mind).

  • Voice of Reason

    ^What you can’t accept is that some people really think Gus won regardless of whether they like Jones or not. Believe it or not, you can disagree with something and not be a hater..

    You also don’t seem to realize that people can think a decision is crap because judges are stupid incompetent idiots and it’s got nothing to do with conspiracy theories.

  • glassjawsh

    watch an Arturo Gatti fight sometime, that guy’s eyeballs were usually swollen shut before the end of the 3rd round.

  • Voice of Reason

    Dear Glassjawsh, bones got lit up by Gus’s punches. That’s why his face is fucked up. What’s so hard to understand? This is not a case of Jones didn’t get hit but he fucked up. He looked fucked up BECAUSE he got lit up. Doh.

  • Voice of Reason

    According to Glassjawsh’s logic, JDS didn’t get fucked up by Cain, he just got sensitive skin. U all haterzzzzz if u say JDS got lit up.

  • kvelertak

    Gus won.
    Jones is a paper champ.

  • JoeRoganIsAnnoying

    Rogan is an ass.

  • donnckt

    jones has harder punches elbow and kick

  • CAP

    Armchair faggots unite!

    You can’t get butthurt too much on this decision it was too close to call it a robbery. I think Jone’s kicks gave him the edge but would have been fine either way the decision went. That’s the reality of this sport when it goes the distance.

    Hell of a showing by Gus though! I didn’t think Gus was gonna last the last few rounds it looked like he could barely stand up.

    I’m all for watching a rematch.

  • brandon

    Gus totally won a few rounds, sure. But he also almost got put away. And he sure spent a lot of the later half of the fight back peddling and running away. In my eyes the later rounds are more important then the first few. And the champ should always get the benefit of the doubt. If Gus wanted the belt so bad he should have actually beat JBJ, just just came in some peoples opinions oh so close.

  • Voice of Reason

    “the later rounds are more important then the first few. And the champ should always get the benefit of the doubt.”

    This is fucking asinine. So not all rounds are equal? Why? And just because he’s champ he gets an advantage in scoring? That’s fucking ridiculous. A fight should be scored evenly. The whole ‘u gotta beat the champ and the champ only gotta get away with it’ is pure bullshit that people repeat without thinking.

    “If Gus wanted the belt so bad he should have actually beat JBJ, just just came in some peoples opinions oh so close.”

    Yeah because it’s so easy to just beat JBJ. Wonder why the people before him didn’t think of that?

  • Ryan

    It was pretty easy to tell who won that fight overall…jones got beat up and loaded on a stretcher, he got out boxed’and was 1/11 on his takedown attempts….your article makes ufc fans who witnessed it live seem dumb when they witnessed the same ass whooping you did…I wonder if all the money and advertising in jones corner had something to do with the decision (Nike,Gatorade).. Glover teixera can wait, rematch in stockholm would be the highest selling paper view bout in ufc history

  • iamphoenix

    yeah but, who’s dick is bigger?

  • thegogoplata

    Gustafsson won the first 3 rounds, and was winning the 4th until the last 30 seconds. The 5th could have been a draw, but I gave it to Jones.

    I was at the ACC, a few rows back from the Octagon, so you can’t say Rogan influenced my decision.

    I think this pic sums up who won the fight perfectly:

  • agentsmith

    Not that I’m disputing the outcome, but hanging your hat on the Fight Metric stats is as dumb as hanging it on who’s bleeding more. This ain’t tag.

  • Splixfoyo

    I looked at those fight metrics and they are bullshit anyways. They have Gustafsson with one take down. I clearly saw two takedowns. If they can’t count to two should I trust anything else from them. Jon got his ass kicked the first three rounds, almost lost the fourth until he landed an elbow, and at best had a slight edge in the last round. Last time I checked fights are scoored round by round, not by metrics after the fact. That decicion was some money making rematch to come bullshit! I don’t need Joe Rogan to tell me who won either, because I watched the fight. Hell half the crowd was booing, and a large portion of professional fighters question the call.