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Capoeira actually working! World turning upside down! Cats and dogs living together! Mass hysteria!


While the proclamation ‘Karate is back!’ may have been premature and based solely on it’s use by the one and only Lyoto Machida, there’s another hokey martial art that may be making a case for being taken seriously. Capoeira moves have been popping up in MMA more and more these days, with one of the guys leading the charge being Marcus Aurelio. Nope, not jiu jitsu ace Marcus ‘Maximus’ Aurelio. Capoeira master Marcus ‘Lelo’ Aurelio, who just knocked another guy out with a fancy pants kick. I don’t know what’s more impressive – the KO or the capoeira display he performs afterwards.

Another capoeira knockout from Aurelio:

  • Letibleu

    I was one of the ones confused between the two lol. My bad. Fucking awesome. Imagine someone with Jon Jones limbs or Anderson Silva limbs doing that.

  • CAP
  • UberShmact

    Yeah never back down was pretty sweet bro.

  • DJ ThunderElbows


  • Jarman

    I shoulda checked FL before posting this on Ryan’s FB wall…..also shoulda known he’d be more on top o this shit than me.

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