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Cat Zingano’s walkout will knee you in the feels


Alpha Cat Zingano put on a Cinderella story for MMA fans on Saturday night with her underdog victory, but if you were watching in the United States, you didn’t get to see the beginning of her dream come true.  Cat’s emotions were written all over her face as she made her first UFC walkout, complete with happy tears and taking a moment to trail her fingers around the sides of Octagon… but who needs that shit when you can cut it out of the broadcast and make room for a couple more NOS commercials?  Money over everythang!

(Just ignore Jon Anik’s tired comment about having a mom in the cage.  Not only am I almost positive there’s at least one UFC father, let’s not forget about the female’s instinct to kill if you mess around with their offspring.  It’s an edge.)  Miesha and Cat really earned their FOTN bonuses in a bout that showcased WMMA in a way that Rousey / Carmouche didn’t.  Now if only the female refs could only get their shit together….

(pic via Gary A. Vasquez for USA Today)

  • frickshun

    They showcased the shit out of ZERO DEFENSE. Not saying I wasn’t entertained by the pace, grappling, heart, stamina & overall carnage. But let’s not pretend that this was some Maynard vs Edgar levels of skill. It was however on par w/Griffin Bonnar I.

  • Kiki McGraw

    You mean bobble heading is not legit striking defense?! Have to say I laughed a little at the lack of that… I was just happy people who only watch UFC events got to see what goes on in the rest of WMMA.

  • Doogie Howser, M.D.

    Tate vs Zingano is the worst technical levels of MMA I think I’ve ever seen at a professional level. I’ve seen spastics fight better. Honest-to-goodness spastics.