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Cecil Peoples likes big butts and he cannot ref

Oh yeah … I’ve wanted to do a Sir Mix-A-Lot joke for fucking ever. Thanks to Caleb at for the opportunity.

  • Accomando

    Devil-eyed hags.

    And Cecil has gotta be blind, if he thinks he’s pimpin’ with those 2 brutes.

  • Jonathan

    Those look more like Sirens come to lead him to the rocks.

  • kentyman

    Crack rocks!

  • kentyman

    Wait, is that what you were implying? I need some coffee.

  • Asa

    Peeps does not date girls, Peeps dates WOMEN.

  • anderson

    peeps needs to date someone who knows how to call a fucking fight. while peeps is off running poon and bisping is getting a shot at the possibility of title contention, matt hammill’s dying on the vine. the least he could do is send the kid a blow job. those chicks look like they wouldn’t mind providing a freebie.

  • Wu Tang

    I think Cecil is trying to get his freak on… When he watches fights, i bet you he is thinking of crazieness… Something along the lines of… ‘2 girls and one cup’ sort of thing… Yea, he seems like the guy to fantasize taht kind of shit (i mean it literaly).

    Cecil, heres to you and your fetish, lets ‘drink’ to it!

  • Ted Dibiase

    why would those girls want their pic taken with him? who did he tell them he is?

  • fightlinker

    “Hi, I’m Herb Dean’s gay uncle”

  • kentyman


  • marshal

    Sir Mix A Lot Joke, HAHA.

  • Ason

    The one looks pregnant