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Cesar Gracie starts up the smacktalk

We’ve still got two months to go before GSP and Nick Diaz square off. Thus far, there’s barely been any back and forth. The best we have ” target=”_blank”>is GSP commenting “eee sed I don’t wants to fight eem but de trut is I never duck nobodies” which is pretty tame as far as I’m concerned. But now Nick’s coach Cesar Gracie (always good for some snappage) is upping the ante:

“The thing is it’s really not my business how he fights; he’s not on my team, so, I truly don’t care how he fights,” said Gracie, while discussing the criticisms St. Pierre has received. “Now if you’re asking me as a fan, yeah, that style is not what I like to watch. I like to watch guys that just go completely for it, take chances, and give crowds what they want, which is ‘Ultimate Fighting,’ not ‘ultimate stalling’ or anything like that.”

Just a note: when reading Cesar Gracie shit-talk, it’s more fun to imagine him less like this:

…and more like this:


  • Letibleu

    ARG I used to live with a girl that watched this guys shows. I cant stand flamers.

  • G Funk

    ^ That’s cause you’re a closet homo. I smell ‘em from miles(inches) away.

  • DukeOfEarl

    Fack!! That “…and more like this” gif made me backwash coffee through my nose on my keyboard. The sheer unexpected fruityness.

  • CAP

    That guy could be standing on the sun and he couldn’t be any more flaming.