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Chael Sonnen: Anderson Silva is on his period

Oh, that Chael Sonnen… he always comes to interviews prepared and ready to give us new one-liners to post online. Here’s Sonnen’s latest thoughtful commentary on Anderson Silva from an interview he did with Paul Lazenby, in which he states that Silva is a woman who is having period problems:

“I don’t think that treatment for Anderson’s problems is prohibited by the UFC, even right before a match. Some medications are limited, as you know, but Anderson is in a state of medical legitimacy because I don’t think that Midol is prohibited, nor are chocolate or Gerard Butler movies. I have never personally had to deal with his sort of condition, but I feel for him and I really want to see what his top fighting form actually is, since we apparently haven’t seen it yet. I can’t remember the last time that he didn’t say he was hurt for a match, and it’s starting to alienate the fight fans. So he should take care of himself when he’s suffering, or else the public will be stuck with the same unengaging fights and lackluster victories until he either dies or finally hits menopause.”

Sonnen said this in response to a question about banned substances, and I have to grudgingly hand it to him that this does serve to distract the Chuck Liddells and the Joe Warrens among us from Sonnen’s use of testosterone. Unfortunately for Sonnen, one cannot help but notice the fact that gossip about vaginas is usually a “girl thing” as well, unless one is speaking about having pounded said vaginas with a foreign object. And these days, that could be a girl thing too.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    What’s a man without testosterone?  Oh yeah …

  • kvelertak

    Brian Stann is gonna take him out of the mix. Can’t wait.

  • MPL

    This dude just won’t die.

  • fishead

    in that photo it looks a bit like Sonnen is trying to sneak a peek at Silva’s nut-sac… presumably to get a glimpse of what a pair looks like when they haven’t been abused and shrunken by a regime of whatever-it-was-that-he-did that would make it necessary to need hormone therapy to regrow his pair.

  • glassjawsh

    i feel like kvelertak is troll that no one listens to

    ill resume ignoring him now

  • frickshun

    Not funny. YOU can decide who I’m referring to…..

  • KeyboardWarrior

    kvelertak – You always seem to go for the underdogs, and always seem to lose. Being an anti sheep isn’t always a good thing.

  • kvelertak

    It’s not about underdogs. Chael isn’t that good and is a terrible human being.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Stann has actual tools to finish the fight and wrestlers to train counter-wrestling with.  Fael will wrestle and that’s it.

  • Letibleu

    |This is one of those fights, and we have a few recently where many hard core fans have been torn. They hate the obvious victor and hope for the underdog. I for one hope for the upset but seems unlikely. Do I put money on my heart or gut, what is the smart thing to in in MMA? I hope in this case my gut is wrong and my heart is right. Insert doc joke here.

  • Blackula Jonez

    I understand that winning rounds against Anderson may = godlike fighter in some peoples eyes but Chael Sonnen the fighter is still the same guy who enteres the cage with the skillset of Mark Coleman.

    Any fighter with adequate submission skill is a legit threat to him.

    Stann himself may not be a world beater but I would take him over a rusty Sonnen.

  • First National Dank

    Rooting against Chael is rooting against fun. FUK D4 HATERZ!!11!ONE!

  • lukustra

    I don’t think Stann stands much of a chance here. Stann got the fuck wrestled out of him by Phil Davis. Look, I know Davis is an incredible athlete, but Chael’s got just as good of a ground game. Expect a 3 round ground n’pound beatdown. Plus, I dont seem to be as big of a Stann fan as everyone else seems to be. I think he overplays the war hero thing a bit too much. Like we get it dude, you were in the army. Same reason I don’t like Tim Kennedy. At least Stann is a banger.

  • CAP

    Chael is only relevant because of his mouth. If he didn’t have crazy smack talk he would probably get booed out of the cage with his smothering style. But since he’s a loud mouth retard people give him a pass where they’d be booing the next guy. That said though I want to see him get his rematch with Silva because I think AS will want to make a statement and demolish Mr. Trt.

  • KeyboardWarrior

    The only reason I want Sonnen to win is so he gets a rematch with Silva quicker than he would if he lost. And then I’d like to see Silva punish him so his smack talk about andy isn’t relevant anymore, considering their last fight still gives chael the right to talk shit

  • dick

    He either wins or he gets submitted. There is no third way that his fights can go. The entertaining thing is knowing exactly what he’s going to do but knowing that most guys can’t stop it anymore. With all the ball juice he drinks, he has become powerful. It’s impossible to deny that. Even if he couldn’t finish Okami or Marquardt, he still beat them. If he just outright sucked, he would be more of a sideshow than War Machine. But as it is, we have no choice but to give him a sort of grudging respect. I actually kind of like him in a WWE sort of way. But instead of a WWE storyline, he says shit that justifies doing steroids and insults entire nations. He’s like the Cyanide and Happiness of MMA.

  • Letibleu

    Chael  has a doctor stoppage loss on record. Every single one of the rest of his 11 losses are via submission.

  • frickshun

    Lukustra–>1st of all, the man is a MARINE. 2nd, he lost to Davis @ 205. That fight made him realize he was too small & dropped down to 185. He’s still somewhat green but learning by leaps & bounds. HE doesn’t play up the GI Joe shit, ZUFFA does. In fact, the god damn United States of America does. Dude is the fucking posterboy for the military.

    Yes, Chael is a far superior rassler. But Stann is a legit mid-tier fighter now in the UFC. If he can stop Chael from holding him down, he unquestionably wins this fight. Take away Chael’s rasslin & he’s not even a UFC caliber fighter.

    I fucking love this fight & if Chael wins, I damn sure think he should get the rematch!!

  • CAP

    Chael wins and he definitely gets a rematch. Dana’s already counting that money.

  • G Funk

    Good post by dick, but comment fail. I see the glass half…EMPTY! OFF WITH HIS HEAD HATE HATE ATHE THEA!!!

  • Danjo

    kvelertak, everyone registered for this site is a terrible human being.

    Eat shit.