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Chael Sonnen asks where the damn superfights are


I don’t typically agree with what Chael Sonnen says (unless it has to do with those scum Brazilians), but his little post-fight diss towards Jon Jones for whistling and looking the other way whenever Anderson Silva is mentioned was spot on:

If you’re going to go fight a guy, go fight a guy. It drives me crazy. People are out talking about Anderson (Silva) and Jon (Jones), these guys should be calling Dana (White) right now begging to fight each other, but it’s not going to go that way. You got these two guys and they’re great, but they’re a couple of chickens. They should be calling each other out. They should be grabbing the microphone and say, ‘I want to fight that guy, I don’t want the debate.’ But it won’t happen that way. Dana’s going to have to call these guys and then they’re going to have to dangle a carrot then they’ll have to negotiate. We’re in the fight business. If you don’t want to fight, don’t raise your hand.

Anderson did apparently call Dana White following Jones’ win over Sonnen, for reasons El Baldo Presidente wouldn’t disclose. But why else would he call in right after that fight other than to say “It’s time”? But will Jon Jones agree? He seems happy to continue defeating retreads and undercooked contenders right now. I’m sure the fight will happen, but all signs point towards it being later rather than sooner. I’m one or two more elusive quotes away from being willing to bet my nutskin it isn’t gonna happen in November.

(pic by Joe Camporeale for USA TODAY)

  • SteelBreeze

    Maybe Silva saw the ass-whooping Chael got and decided he’d rather fight GSP instead.

  • Unknown

    Silva asked for GSP, no question about it. He knows Jones would demolish him.

  • ranganath

    was it really necessary to refer to Brazilians as scum?! WTF?! Racism is outdated & ignorant. Especially considering it was the Gracies that inspired the UFC into creation… and dominated. Grow up dude!

  • frickshun


    Any-fucking-way…..Chael is my favorite company man. He does everything right from hyping fights to calling out other employees for not being better employees. Matt Riddle needed Chael as his Yoda.

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    First of all, all Brazilians ARE scum. All of them. Even the ones that move to America and adopt our ways of life. They’re just scum-diet, but still scummy. (Ranagath clearly thinks he’s on or something and NOT an mma humour site where jokes are made as parody or satire. Oh well, some people are just born with a sense of humor and some people are born Ranagath)

    Anywhoo – I don’t understand how a fighter can avoid a superfight because they want to maintain their “brand” or their “record”. What good is a record or brand with a giant asterisk next to it?

    Jon Jones is in his early 20’s, even if he loses to Silva he still has 10 more years to come back and prove he’s the greatest LHW/Fighter on the planet.

    If Silva loses, he lost to a younger, oversized opponent, but moved up a weight-class to challenge a monster. Plus, he’ll STILL be regarded as the best MW of all time.

    If these guys don’t fight, their legacies will be tarnished far worse than just having a simple loss on their records. Time to step up.

  • kwagnuth

    Trust me dude when you see actual racism here on fightlinker that motherfucker will be banned. Angry China?

  • MalvadoUK

    WTF !!! Ignorant bastard.

  • Reverend Clint

    Wow these new ppl make me sad with their apparent lack of humor

  • glassjawsh

    it’s good that the comments are coming back around. viva la hatred!

  • Tahko Tabak

    All of this super fight shit is gonna crash, and fuck up the divisions.
    Whatever happened to fighting your way to the top, those are the best fights, because nobody wants to give up their spot, also VERY disrespectful to the fighter who has honestly worked their way to the #1 spot.
    Much better fights probably will not happen,,, like Machida~Sonnen, Evans~Sonnen, Belfort~Sonnen,,,,etc… all of those fights would have been wayyyyyy more interesting than watching Jon fuck Chael off,,, WE ALL KNEW THAT,,except for the dumbfucks.

  • kwagnuth

    Listen up new peeps. Fightlinker is not racist unless Reverend does a post.

  • Reverend Clint

    yeah you slantheaded tards


    It’s not racist when you pick on a country’s people. It’s racist when you pick on a race.
    I still see no humor in calling a country’s people scum.
    It’s not witty.
    It’s not smart.
    It’s not even contemporary.
    Get a life assholes.

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  • kwagnuth

    What about sarcasm is it sarcasm?

  • frickshun

    The site only gets better….