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Chael Sonnen to Become First TUF Coach Killed on Set

Chael Sonnen to Become First TUF Coach Killed on Set

Chael Sonnen will be coaching opposite new nemesis Wanderlei Silva in the third installment of TUF Brasil, and given the vast amount of kind things the American has said of the Brazilians – and their subsequent deep-rooted love for the man – it’s expected that Sonnen will be the first-ever TUF coach killed on set. Details of the makeups of the teams (i.e., weight classes, nationalities, etc.) are nonexistent at this point, and Sonnen will reportedly still face Rashad Evans at UFC 167. In theory, he would also face “The Axe Murderer” sometime after the TUF season ended, although his death will likely force Joe Silva to find a replacement.

Here’s White sealing Sonnen’s fate on FOX Sports Live:

  • glassjawsh

    write something about tatsuya Kawajiri you cockslap

  • glassjawsh

    Jim Vagina is a bung hammer, and if ryan really is gone, this isn’t even areal web site anymore. That guy IS fightlinker. I know because it says so on his user name. Just kill it already goddamnit! This place shouldn’t be!!!! . PUT FL OUT OF ITS MISERY!! Burn it to the goddamned ground and never speak of the horrors that took place WHEN YOU PEOPLE KILLED IT!!


  • Doogie Howser, M.D.

    Are you OK, Glassjawsh? I’m starting to become a little concerned for you.

    P.S. What is a bung hammer? It sounds rude.

  • CAP

    I always assume Ryan’s bung hammer collapses every once in a while and he takes some time off. That’s usually how it goes but don’t say he’s gone for good or this site is a shill and will never be the same. Damn that lazy fucker.

  • Voice of Reason

    Keeping things on topic….

    I honestly wouldn’t be that surprised if Shael gets stabbed in Brazil. Those tribespeople are fucking crazy.

  • Letibleu

    well, it was fun while it lasted. i dont see it getting better. You guys know where to find me. It wont be here anymore.

    Joan Carpenterpants Butters

  • agentsmith

    Yep, for those who didn’t see his post on Facebook, Hyan is no longer running or even writing for Fightlinker. Goodnight, sweet prince.

  • kvelertak

    You guys use twitter?
    We should keep the chats going on fight night.

  • Tuna

    I’m down for chats on Fightnights this is depressing as fuck tho. fuck jim vagina wish he would stop postingatleast

  • jim genia

    I can turn the chats back on here if that’s what you guys want.

    And Tuna, I’m here to stay, brah. Also, “postingatleast” should actually be three words – “posting at least”. Try to hold yourself together in these trying times.

  • Tuna

    I feel bad for that kid he must have a difficult time growing up with an autistic father.

  • CAP

    Well damn that sucks to hear but wish Ryan the best. Fightlinker as I know it has lost it’s soul. It was a good run. Good luck Jim Vagina you have big shoes to fill and it’s not looking good.

  • Doogie Howser, M.D.

    Bums. And big fat hairy bollocks.

    Does anyone have any recommendations about where I should go to get MMA news that might make me laugh, now?

  • jim genia

    Tuna, I rate that one a “C” for creativity and a “Z” for execution. Come on, man, try harder.