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Chael Sonnen doubts he’ll ever get to fight Silva again

We’re days away from the UFC’s second event on FOX and something strange is going on. Rather than the down and dirty douchebag-fest we were expecting between Chael Sonnen and Michael Bisping, we’re getting civilized conversations and general respect. Boo-urns to fighters acting like adults. Instead (and I suppose this shouldn’t be a surprise), Chael Sonnen is still talking about Anderson Silva:

“I can guarantee you Anderson Silva and I will never cross paths again. He’s not getting into the ring with me, ever. I called him out publicly. You call out a Brazilian publicly; you’re going to be fighting that Brazilian. That’s in their culture. I don’t think he’s ever going to fight again. That’s my personal opinion. What I know for a fact is that he turned me down four out of four times. He personally said no to Lorenzo Fertitta’s face. I think that (the UFC) is sincere. I think that they mean it. But I can tell you that behind the scenes, they’ve tried to put Anderson and me together four times and four times he said no. I become the number one contender and can get past Bisping, I’m gonna sit down with Dana and we’re going to have a talk about (Georges St. Pierre) or Jon Jones. I’m not under any illusion that it’s going to be Anderson Silva.”

The best yarns always have threads of truth woven in and Chael’s reality is starting to gain a lot of traction with UFC fans. Sure, Andy is injured and that kinda sorta explains why this fight hasn’t been set up. But it’s not like Silva has gone out of his way to confirm he’s down for a rematch. In fact it’s the total opposite. At least we’ve got Dana White on the side of this fight happening:

“I, 100 percent, right here and now, guarantee you that if Chael Sonnen wins that fight, Anderson Silva will fight Chael Sonnen this summer,” he said.

You know the UFC is hurting for some superfights after last year’s Gypsy-Curse-o-Palooza. They’re going to push this fight through as quickly as possible before Chael runs out of musical commissions that’ll let him fight. What is the deal with Chael’s TRT therapy anyways? Is he still on it? Is Chicago okay with it? Are we just not asking because it’s impolite? You’d think with all the recent steroid news this kinda thing would come up. Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller…..?

  • Cat Snipers

    Sonnen who was Juicing at 16 times the Amount of testosterone an average male has and over 4 times the amount allowed for pro’s. This is a man how has committed fraud and HE expects you to BELIEVE anything that he says???? Silva won and Sonnen Cheated and lost yet he thinks that after cheating he should get a title shot right off the bat or after one fight even??? He should prove he is at normal Levels first and for more than just one fight.

    I’m not a Fighter but if I was I WOULDN”T WANT TO FIGHT A CHEATER WHO JUICES TO 16t times that of a human male. So tired of Sonnen’s lying crap.

  • Reverend Clint

    but atleast he is truthful about the role of jesus in mma

    “You know, these guys want to talk about God. ‘Oh, I want to thank God. I want to thank God.’ Listen, I’m a God-fearing man, go to church every Sunday and have since I was a boy. But if I ever found out that God cared one way or another about a borderline illegal fist-fight on Saturday night, I would be so greatly disappointed that it would make rethink my entire belief system.”

  • Nepal

    Truthful but wrong anyway. There is no Jesus and there is no Santa.

  • Nepal

    There are ladyboys in Thailand however.

  • fightlinker

    And they will show you Dog

  • CAP

    Also just goes to show Dana will overlook shit if it helps his bottom line.

    Funny how FOX just put out an article on how UFC is great for fighter pay. <—so wish I could hyperlink And speaking of ladyboys where the fuck is SOOBO??

  • Letibleu

    Subo lost credibility after he failed to urinate into his mouth. Not honoring a bet is one step worse than raping children.