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Chael Sonnen Had To Go, Says UFC President

ufc 175

UFC president Dana White made an appearance on FOX Sports 1 recently to promote UFC 175. White discussed a number of subjects, including the recent decision to part ways with Chael Sonnen.

“It’s never easy making decisions like this,” White said. “Chael is a person I personally care about; I know a lot of people at FOX care about him too.

The guy had four banned substances in his system. Four banned substances in his system leading up to a fight here in Las Vegas. It’s a tough one. It’s one of those hard decisions you have to make. It was definitely a hard one.”

Sonnen was scheduled to fight this weekend against Vitor Belfort before failing the first of two tests given to him by the Nevada Athletic Commission. He was the co-host of “UFC Tonight” on FS1 opposite Kenny Florian.

White also talked about this possibly being the final time BJ Penn fights, as he takes on Frankie Edgar Sunday. Hear the entire interview with White in the video below:

  • robthom

    I think the deal breaker was the culmination of the multiple infractions and constant lying.

    Chael was never gonna be a champion against the level of guys holding the belt in the UFC,
    so thats out.
    And unfortunately for Chael even though he talks a good game, having someone who has been repeatedly caught cheating and lying about it is not a good public face for the UFC and MMA no matter how charming he is at it.

    That would be like having oj hosting a womens issues program on NPR.
    It would completely undermine any legitimacy.

    Chael can still find a venue for his character and speaking skills, but not with the UFC because of his track record.
    It actually doesn’t seem so far fetched to me that a bellator of other MMA org might be interested in him.
    He’s probably even good enough to get the belt in a second tier promotion.
    Because he wouldn’t have the history there.

    They could pretend that they genuinly believe that he has turned over a new leaf and he’s never behaved irresponsibly while he’s been an employee with their organization.
    (Until of course he eventually does, but by then the profit has been made.)