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Chael Sonnen: “I either take this medicine or die.”

Some larger media outlets have been asking Chael Sonnen about his testosterone replacement therapy regiment, and since the LA Times is too big to just throw a hissy fit and hang up on, Sonnen gave them this interesting answer instead:

You won a therapeutic use exemption from the Nevada State Athletic Commission for this fight, acknowledging you need two injections a week of testosterone for medical reasons (hypogonadism). Can you explain this?

“I don’t have an option. I either take this medicine or die. I’m not asking if I can take it. It’s up to them to let me take it. It’s a substance that’s often abused, and I deal with taking it in shame. But a blood test can clear you, and show I take the appropriate amount. I’m paying for the tests. I’ve taken four so far. And they’ll do a day-before and morning-after test as well.”

Wow, that’s one super serious case of hypergonadism right there. Won’t it be oh so inspiring if Chael Sonnen wins the middleweight championship off the pound for pound best fighter in the world, all while suffering from such an intense condition? Someone contact the ESPYs and have him added in as a nominee for Best Athlete with a Disability. Screw that attention whore Kyle Maynard thinking he’s special for climbing a mountain with no arms or legs. Chael Sonnen is the real hero here.

  • Reverend Clint

    if his balls are so messed up is he really a man at this point or is more like cyborg’s in-between stage?

  • agentsmith

    So he has fatal hypogonadism?

  • Mal

    Dude he is not missing a chromosome it ran the fuck away from the insanity …Death by low testostrone

  • Carcass

    As a medical professional, I’m very interested to hear about this new complication of hypogonadism.  Namely, death.  Mr Sonnen, please educate me as to how exactly you will die if you don’t get your testosterone injections.

  • Kalle

    He’s telling the truth. If he doesn’t take his steroids Anderson Silva will kill him with the very first punch. 

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Mr Sonnen, please educate me as to how exactly you will die if you don’t get your testosterone injections.

    This just continues to show what a ignorant, foreign, Andy nuthugger you are – and have always been, Carcass;  If you knew anything about medikal xyience and American culture you’d understand and wouldn’t be running your mouth.

    If he stops his test he’ll be overtaken by estrogen and become a spineless liberal pussy who won’t last 24 hours on the streets of West Lynn.

    Good to see you around man.

  • Mal

    LOL wow ..I get it now so Nick Diaz smokes weed or he will die also ….Brett Rogers beats his wife or he will die. Overeem has 14to 1 lvls or he will die. Next thing you know they will all be on Weird or What ..

  • Reverend Clint

    this must be dakota cochranes excuse… had to take cock or he would die

  • Mal

    ROFL ….

  • Giallo

    I call bullshit, someone carried that retard up the mountain.

  • PooCommander

    Makes sense to me!

    Chael P. Sonnen is a Poet,
    a Warrior
    and an Endocrinologist!

  • matthewpolly

    It’s how those West Linn gangsters roll… with their balls riding shotgun for a media drive-by.