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Chael Sonnen is MMA’s Obi Wan

Chael Sonnen’s book, “The Voice of Reason: A VIP Path to Enlightenment” may seem like a ridiculous, arrogant piece of shameless self-promotion. And for the most part it is. But look deeper, young Skywalker, for in those pages inhabits the mind of a man who uses his intellectual prowess like a Jedi.

Consider this: After Jon Jones beats Dan Henderson he has effectively cleaned out the division. Sure, guys like Alexander Gustafsson and Phil Davis are good prospects, but the former lacks the wrestling and the latter lacks the striking to realistically deal with Jones. Will they get better? Yes. Will they get better enough to beat Jones? Hells nah. So what does Chael do? He moves up to 205 to take on a guy he knows he has a good shot of beating  – Forrest Griffin, then goes on record saying his training partner and buddy, Dan Henderson will wipe the floor with Jones – knowing full well that is highly unlikely but covers his ass in the loyalty department, then he starts a Twitter war with Jones, which the champion foolishly embraces and the MMA media jumps all over.

It’s all part of the will of this Jedi madman. He will beat Forrest because he’s a far superior wrestler and Forrest isn’t really into this whole fighting thing anymore. Henderson will lose to Jones because the only shot he has at winning is a perfectly placed punch. There’s really no one left of interest to face Jones, the Machida rematch notwithstanding. So Chael P. Sonnen, without so much as getting off his couch, just positioned himself to be next in line to face Jones after Machida gets his ass whooped again.

Even if you don’t like Chael you must admire his cunning. Much like Obi Wan’s “These are not the droids you’re looking for” mind-fuck on the storm troopers, Chael just played the entire division with his Jedi pimp-hand.

  • Reverend Clint

    dude might be a ling douche bag but he is a very smart lying douche bag

  • noiseless

    chael is awesome.

  • TheButtStrangler

    “…Phil Davis are good prospects…”

    Lol @ Phil Davis.

    But I am… mildly happy to see Chael find life post Shmilva.

  • Letibleu

    Chael at 205 is awesome!

    here is a list of 205’ers Chael should beat and a list of fighters who should be able to beat Chael.

    Fighters Chael can beat at 205:

    Bader, beltran, Pillsburry, Rampage, Gustafson, Griffin, Bonnar, diabate, vlad, vera, thiago, little nog,

    fighters that might beat him:

    glover texting, shogun, machida, jon jones, rashad evans, phil davis (not sure), hendo

  • fishead

    …whatever happens I’ll still be able to watch old videos of that IFC tourney where Griffin catches Sonnen in a triangle choke and takes him out.

  • Kong Morten

    Wether or not Chael gets the shot after Machida, he has just as small a chance of beating him as any of them. If you are able to cut to 185, no matter how big you are. Jones is going to rag doll you. Would like to see Sonnen hold down a guy who has about 40 pounds on him, good luck with that

  • Letibleu

    tell that to edgar

  • GRD

    Why can’t Dan Henderson win a decision? Can Jones actually sub Dan from his back? Jones is not exactly a black belt, I think people forget that he hasn’t been tested on his back yet.

  • frickshun

    ^^I think you forget that Jake Fucking Shields decisioned Decision Dan. Bones is bigger, stronger, faster(tm), younger, has a deadly clinch game & actual 5 round stamina. I would put him about about 12 million to 1 if I’m being conservative.

  • Letibleu

    Dan will need his to bring his triple A card to the fight, he will run out of gas.