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Chael Sonnen: Not Dead Yet

Chael Sonnen: Not Dead Yet

A mountain of trash talking an entire nation has helped Chael Sonnen earn big bucks as the “go to” opponent for people like Anderson Silva and Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, and it got him a slot coaching the third season of The Ultimate Fighter: Brasil opposite Wanderlei Silva. But talking smack does come with a heavy price tag sometimes, and in this instance, that price tag involves the health and safety of Sonnen and his coaches while they’re in Brazil filming the reality TV show. What’s it like being stuck in a country that more or less wants you dead? Probably not fun, but if the recently tweeted pic of Sonnen looking alive and relatively unharmed is of any indication, we’re not at the point where we have to send Ben Affleck down there to rescue him (a la “Argo“).

According to Google Translate, that reads:

(VIDEO) #TUFBrasil 3-before the season, @wandfc and @sonnench trading taunts

  • robthom

    You do have to respect that he’s got the balls to walk the walk.
    Even if I had been crazy enough to say half of the things he has I would have drawn the line at actually stepping foot in Brazil.

    A jokes a joke, you get it and I get it, but I’m not sure Brazilians have a functioning sense of humor.
    (They’re kinda weird like that.)