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Chael Sonnen owns a pizza place and he’s suing his partner for embezzlement

(Matt Serra visits Mean Streets Pizza at 06:45 of this UFC 148 vlog)

Remember that time when Chael Sonnen opened a pizza joint in Oregon?  Turns out his friend whose idea it was is a total sleeze and Chael is suing him pretty hard:

“The lawsuit filed earlier this month in Clackamas County Circuit Court also seeks to oust Lee Gamble, who co-owns Mean Street Pizza with the Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter, from the limited liability corporation the pair run. West Linn Guys, LLC owns the restaurant, which opened last year … Gamble also never paid Sonnen back after borrowing $10,000, the suit alleges, and owes him $12,600 after failing to pay rent for the past seven months for the West Linn home Sonnen owns and rents to Gamble.”

Here’s Gamble talking about this idea coming together last May:

“… Chael and I are equal partners. I basically brought the idea to him and he funded it. We have been good friends for a couple years now.”

That’s weird, Chael can’t keep up with his business ventures alongside his fight career and everything suffers as a result?  Like that time he didn’t pay attention to the fine print of our federal laws on the subject of money laundering and ended up pleading guilty to mortgage fraud, subsequently losing out on coaching TUF?

The interesting thing here is that there’s some entourage shitbeak out there living on one of Chael’s properties and working at another and he can’t do any of it well.  Makes it a little easier to handle Dana’s entourage, doesn’t it?

  • the_beast

    I was actually up there earlier this month. Decided to stop by on a whim. Chael was there with his fiance having dinner on a Friday night. I am a total nerd to admit it, but I was pretty excited to meet him, but I tried to play it cool. My wife gave me a hard time. I got to tell you guys, Chael is cool as hell. I laugh at all the schtick that he puts out, but in person he is gracious as fuck. He is nothing like his videos and interviews in person. I gained a whole lot of respect for him. He was in total business owner mode and just wanted to make sure that our pizza and drinks were good, and that we enjoyed our visit to his restaurant. He expressed several times how thankful he was that I was watching TUF and was a fan of MMA.

    All in all pizza was good. Place is a little small. Chance of meeting Chael, apparently high.

  • agentsmith

    He actually seems like a pretty cool guy and great coach on TUF.

  • Voice of Reason

    Anyone who doesn’t realize that Chael’s persona is just for show and he’s cool in real life must have low IQ.

  • frickshun

    I <3 CHAEL!!