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Chael Sonnen says he’s being retired

Today was the day the CSAC decided whether Chael Sonnen’s indefinite suspension for lying to them should stand, and there weren’t many surprises. Despite the fact that Chael brought his mummy with him to testify on his behalf (I guess BJ Penn set a precedent), they upheld the suspension.

But don’t feel too bad for Sonnen … ‘indefinite’ apparently doesn’t really mean indefinite, it only means until his California license expires on June 29th. Feel bad that we’re going to miss a season of Chael Sonnen vs Michael Bisping on TUF. Yep, the UFC was going to go forward with that morally inappropriate but undeniably awesome plan:

During today’s testimony, Sonnen revealed the UFC was targeting him as a potential coach on the soon-to-film 14th season of “The Ultimate Fighter.” Sonnen said the UFC planned to pit him against outspoken British striker Michael Bisping, and the two would meet in a No. 1 contender matchup at the end of the season.

Today’s ruling likely nixes that option, as the Nevada State Athletic Commission – which holds jurisdiction over the participants in “TUF,” which films in Las Vegas – generally upholds the rulings of other prominent commissions. Sonnen suggested during testimony that a failure to secure a license at today’s hearing would likely lead to his retirement.

To sum:

“If I don’t get my license today I’m effectively retired. That came from the boss, Dana White.”

Liar lies at meeting about lies? Why, I am shocked! I guess Sonnen could be telling the truth for once. It makes total sense that Dana White would stand up for Chael through a sketchy steroid scandal, federal crime conviction, and this ‘lying to a commission’ thing only to cut him loose because he’s denied at this one meeting. Actually, I don’t think ‘standing up for Chael Sonnen’ quite captures what Dana was willing to do. He was willing to welcome Chael back in and give him a slot coaching on the UFC’s flagship TV program, which would then lead to a title shot.

But since Sonnen was refused his license, I guess he is now effectively retired from MMA. That’s what he said, after all.

  • G Funk

    Ummm, I’m I trippin or was this story just posted by another writer and now it’s gone?

  • GoldenArms

    best part is, he was caught lying under oath so he has no shot at running for office. die chael sonnen die!

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    I think he’s just using Dana’s logical explanation of the licensing consequences of his actions as a mandate in and of itself.

    CHAEL:  What they means Dana?

    DANA:  They’d basically be retiring you.


    Probably how his mind twisted Lindland telling him “they allow TRT if you go through XYZ process” into “Juice away, Chael!”

  • iamphoenix

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