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Check out the Brazilian UFC Rio commercial

UFC Rio now has a promo ad and it’s a bit different from our standard North American heavy metal / deep voice dude fare. I assume it’s because Brazilians are way more classy and sophisticated than us, what with all that “>butt dancing (semi-NSFW) and all.

  • G Funk

    Starting at :17  Brazilians can’t read that fast.

  • Blackula Jonez

    So….the UFC is capable of PRIDE/DREAM/K1 level promos but they just placate the meathead demographic in the US.


    Thanks for robbing us of slick, visually dynamic promos douchbags.

  • Symbul

    So much better than the standard UFC garbage ads.

  • glassjawsh

    brazil gets this and we get nu metal?? WHAT..THE…FUCK…man…

  • scissors61

    looks like that UFC vid got set to private. oh well, check out the fucking camel toe on the youtube chick OH MY GOD 

  • scissors61

    is this the one that ryan originally linked? pretty cool stuff

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    Did anyone else notice that at the 0:08 second mark there seems to be live fight sounds cut in with what sounds very much like the words “FUCKED HIM UP”?

  • scissors61

    Heh, it does kind of sound like that. It’s probably just Goldberg bellowing some weird shit though