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Check out this Brazilian conspiracy theory on Anderson Silva’s loss

Check out this Brazilian conspiracy theory on Anderson Silva’s loss

Rumors continue to swirl surrounding Anderson Silva’s loss to Chris Weidman – some people just can’t seem to accept the idea that if you drop your hands and stick your chin out at a world class fighter, you might actually get knocked out. But where is a conspiracy theorist supposed to hang his tinfoil hat now that the suspicious 1 million dollar bet story has been debunked? Well, here’s a tale coming directly out of Brazil:

Rumor: Anderson Silva SOLD the UFC belt. The fighter’s staff was advised, at 1:00pm on July 6 (Fight Day), at a meeting involving Dana White, Pedro Rizzo and Mr. Lorenzo Fertitta. At first they were very upset, and Anderson refused to sell the belt.

The acceptance came through the full payment of premiums, US$70K for each member of staff, plus a bonus of U.S$400K for the whole team, a total of US$23 million by Nike. Still, Anderson refused to participate.

Their situation was only resolved after the representative of Nike threatening to withdraw its lifelong sponsorship of the fighter, valued at more than US$90 million throughout his career. Thus, it was agreed that Anderson would be defeated by points, but the apathy that befell the fighter made Chris Weidman, who absolutely did not participate in this negotiation, TKO Anderson.

Dana White applauded the team collaboration of Silva, since the change of belt has brought balance to the category.”

So just to re-explain without the Englisch: UFC brass told Silva he’d be losing on the day of the fight and paid him and his team a large sum of money to do it. Initially Silva didn’t want to, but Nike for some reason threatened to cancel Andy’s sponsorship if he didn’t go along with the plan because something something Illuminati? CHECKMATE!

Note to teenage retard fanboys and those with similar mentalities: the UFC is real, whereas the WWE, with it’s upcoming Money in the Bank pay-per-view on Sunday, is fake.

  • Sean

    Phase 1: Create meaningless conspiracy
    Phase 2: ???
    Phase 3: Profit

  • thingvolds

    Tsk, tsk, fightlinker, still hating on “conspiracy theorists” I see. What a shame.

    You would think after all we reality researchers accurately predicted these past few years that you vehemently denied was true, that you would be less willing to libel us on your soon to be defunct site by calling us childish names like “tin foil hats” (which, btw, has even less sting now that studies are proving the harmful effects of wi-fi on the brain and nations are taking measures to control it).

    The funny thing is, you are attributing the allegations of a fixed fight between Weidman and Silva to “conspiracy theorists”, when in fact this fight has been a complete non story in the CT world. You see, we deal with predicting the real issues, such as the Benghazi CIA mission cover up (confirmed), NSA spying across multiple platforms for at least a decade (confirmed), the Obama hope and change con job (confirmed), the Bilderberg Group (confirmed), pillaging of a small EU nation’s private bank accounts as a test run for a much bigger plundering (confirmed), the Department of Justice obtaining records and spying on the associated press (confirmed), governmental bodies being used as weapons against Obama’s competition (confirmed)….do I really need to go on?

    Actually no, I don’t. I’ve already done all the work so you dunderheads don’t have to. Just search through the forum for my threads, and you will be astonished at the tack driving accuracy of my predictions over the past few years here.

    Hey, if it makes you feel good to believe a fixed fight can’t happen in a world of high stakes prize fighting controlled by a Las Vegas mafia family, go for it. To be honest, the only people I saw calling foul on this fight to begin with are the type of UFC nerds who frequent sites like this anyway. It’s not like this fight was a news item on, like you make it out to be.

    Just realize, the more you call us silly names while our predictions continue to be proven true, the worse it makes you look. Heads of states, whistleblowers, historians, high ranking military officials, ex intelligence assets, etc, are all coming forward and openly confirming what you once swore was “tinfoil hat” shit, yet there are still a few of you working diligently to libel those of us simply seeking the truth, working to deny any of this is happening, And that is the real conspiracy.

  • kwagnuth

    I think they might be onto something. Think about it It could be true. It is also possible that he was supposed to lose to Cote but it was botched when he blew his knee out. Think about it he was clowning in that fight too and Cote is known for his power it makes sense. It is also possible that he was being a particular assclown during this fight with Weidman to ensure he would be caught clean and knocked out at some point. They have been building Silva for years with all these wins too. I just wonder if they paid Forrest some extra bucks to run back to his locker room like a little girl because it really was a nice touch. Think about it. Like really think about it. Nahh

  • Lee Watson

    So that’s it? That’s your explanation? Wow even more stupid than the “stupid guys” in question.”guess’s real”

    Hasn’t it occured to you that,INDEED droping your hands would lead you to getting koed or touched? An expert like him? Insisting on such a short distance?

    Despite the numerous outburst of various ufc fighters about fixed matches.despite chael sonnen’s view on the subject,world class journalist of the famous website finghtlinker,after a lifelong investigation concluded that there was no such thing as a fixed’s myth of course