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Check out this Roxanne Modafferi Highlight

Back in the olden days we had a youtube account but unfortunately it got taken down for using Whitney Houston illegally. One of the things we lost was the two highlights I had made for Roxanne Modafferi but fortunately I just found one of them on an old hard drive. So here it is back up again! Enjoy!

  • WeaponIIX

    Roxy For the Win!

  • Fen Bowlkes

    I’m not trying to be rude or anything,
    But Roxy makes the little me feel confrontational.

  • punchy

    I love Roxy, but I avoid talking to her because I have tendency to embarrass myself when i do…shes the kinda girl I would want to take care of, and i doubt in any way she would want to be pampered…lol