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Chris Leben now 0-2 vs international drug testing

When Chris Leben showed up for work in England looking all jacked up and red like a reindeer’s dick (yes, we’ve officially kicked off the xmas-flavored penis joke season), many made jokes about the last time Leben fought in the UK. That was against Michael Bisping in 2008 and not only did Leben not put his fist through Bisping’s face … he didn’t pass his drug test either.

Stanozolol was the culprit last time and we can laugh about that one because hey steroids are kinda funny with the bitch tits and shrunken balls and all that. Stanozolol even has the LOL right there in the name! But now Chris Leben has failed yet another drug test in Britain, and this time it’s for oxycodone and oxymorphone. Usually when you’ve got guys failing drug tests for painkillers, that’s a sign of opiate addiction. LOL? Not so much.

So say goodbye to Chris Leben, who is now serving a one year suspension from the UFC. Let’s hope he takes the year to soak up some sun in Hawaii, drink out of a coconut or three, and get that oxy issue taken care of. Painkillers have fucked up the careers of a lot of fighters. Let’s hope they don’t screw Chris’s up any more than they already have.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Good luck man.

  • Letibleu

    Lat time he came back on a tear. Lets hope he doesnt hang em up, gets his shit in order and comes back for one last run (he wont make it but his journey fights are whats fun to watch)

  • glassjawsh

    the biggest problem with painkillers is how FREAKING AWESOME they are to be on

    that’s why I choose to avoid them (that and the pillbilly stereotype)

  • Night Rider

    How are pills awesome to be on? They make you a fuckin weak zombified pussy. Thats awesome?

  • Redping

    this makes me so sad! Chris Leben was one of my favourites.

    ^^ its an acquired taste. Some people like to get drunk every day, some people like the warm numbness of oxycodone. Personally when I busted my leg, I stopped taking my oxycodone long before the pain stopped, because they made me feel FUCKED UP. and I used to love me some acid. painkillers feel evil to me, like a bad spin

    and that kinda ruins the whole ‘zombie chris leben’ thing considering he was on mass medication that made him more zombie like. Maybe he just got too into that idea

  • iamphoenix

    i’ve never been injured. so i’ve never needed painkillers. I almost was injured running last week in the mud and rain in the darkness, rolled my ankle but I’m such a bad ass I kept running. TOTALLY FINE

    but i’m pretty sure i would abuse the shit out of pain killers.

    as for leben, lol he’s a reindeer dick

  • frickshun


  • Reverend Clint

    sometimes i wish i had sweet painkillers for my back but all ive got is ibuprofen. had vicodine for my rootcanal but i had to take 2 for it to do anything to me.


    they should have TUF: Rehab for guys who have tested positive for both painkillers and steroids

  • kwagnuth

     Got some demerol once when I got my wisdoms pulled. That shit is strong fucked me up on one pill. Thing is I didn’t really need them cuz the pain wasn’t that bad but when someone offers you demerol you take it. I ended up using them down the road for my swollen balls. Worked great and really got me through some hard times.

  • P W

    The UFC is such a joke, second time this bum gets caught cheating and Dana doesn’t have the balls to ban him for life.

  • noiseless

    godddddddamnit leben..