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Chris Leben’s dangerous cut

One round into his five round fight with Mark Munoz, Chris Leben looked like he was ready to keel over and die. It’s pretty fortunate that the fight was stopped between rounds 2 and 3 on a cut because according to Fighters Only, Leben dropped enough weight last second that dying was a distinct possibility:

Chris Leben cut nearly 21 pounds in 24 hours to make weight for his fight with Mark Munoz, Fighters Only was told ahead of last night’s bout.

The 31-year old middleweight had “a terrible weight cut” and was in such bad shape before the weigh ins that medical staff were keeping a very close eye on him.

A source close to Leben told Fighters Only on Friday that Leben had been left “shattered” by the amount of weight he had to cut on weigh-in day.

He was in the hotel sauna from Friday morning hooded up and wearing layers of clothing as he sweated water out of his body.

His dehydration and general condition was such that one of the medical team backstage said Leben would be pulled from the fight if thing deteriorated any further.

21 pounds isn’t an unusually high amount of weight for a fighter to cut, but most prefer to do it over the course of a few weeks so they still have enough fluids to keep their organs working and brains protected.

I know, I know. Every time I write a blog about stupid weight cuts I joke about livers screaming “Nooooooo!” and brains bouncing off the insides of skulls. But this isn’t some theoretical possibility. If I was a betting man (and betting was actually allowed in this bastion of freedom we call North America), I’d bet the first death in the UFC will involve someone who cut way too much way too fast.

I won’t bother you with all the grisly downer stories of amateur wrestlers suffering heart attacks or rhabdomyolysis. You can read all about that here and here. You can also get a little look into how our bud Mark Hominick cuts weight properly over at our sister site MMA Training.

All this info certainly puts Saturday’s main event into a new perspective. And I’m sure Thiago Alves will be happy to know people will probably stop giving him guff for nearly missing weight again. At least his diet guru Mike Dolce seems to know what he’s doing. Maybe Leben should give him a call because whatever is going on behind the scenes in Hawaii just ain’t working. It might have cost him the fight on Saturday … and more importantly his life.

(pic via the UFC’s excellent UFC 138 gallery)

  • glassjawsh

    I understand you gots bills to pay. so plugging other RM sites is good for business. but no jackal is ever clicking on that link

  • CAP

    Something with Leben seemed off. Guys need to figure out what weight class works best performance wise not just the lowest they can get to.

  • Night Rider

    Agree Cap, problem is could you really see leben making any headway at light heavy. I think what he and fighters like him need to do is get more serious about the diet and two to three week out prep than this whole “Ima Losa billion pounds today” shit.


    Lebens leg kicks were fucking awful slow and he looked like a rusty robot in need of grease. He was definitely affected by the cut, just wish he would have better prepared so he could perform up to what we were expecting. 

  • frickshun

    What in the fuck are you idiots talking about? When has Leben had weight issues?? Something must’ve gone awry for him to have such a drastic cut the day before. Like he was so busy fucking your mother’s asshole that he forgot to get his weight cut in order.

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    Leben’s been fighting at MW his whole career – the dude would be tiny at LHW.

    Things just must have been bad for him this week…

    …or he’s back on the Grandpa’s Old Cough Medicine.

    Either way, rough week

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    He looks pretty diesel in that pic.  Not popped for juice diesel, but his neck has never been that big.  So maybe he’s been putting on legit muscle but not factoring it into his weight like he should?  Cutting twenty pounds the day of seems unnecessary and unhealthy given his size in the division.

    He definitely needs some Dolce in his life.  I’m using his base (non-cut) diet right now and I feel great, btw.

  • glassjawsh

    ^ how did you get a hold of that?

    just buy a book?

  • Redping

    I can’t believe Dolce gets paid so much to tell people things they already know. I read his book and it was ike ‘eat some spinach’ and i was like well fuck, thanks for that. he’s te Dr Phil of MMA, I wonder what he’ll do next, tell people to eat more fruit! ooo genius

    and Chris Leben is a monster and probably just ate too many gummy bears again. His chin seemed fine but yeah he went into zombie mode at the start of the fight instead of right at the end of it, so something was wrong. I thought it was the climatisation but Leben has fought in the UK before so it mustn’t be that

  • iamphoenix

    I understand you gots bills to pay. so plugging other RM sites is good for business. but no jackal is ever clicking on that link


    it’s like he is forced to plug dumb shit at us but pass it off as cool because it’s what the teens are into. Which are blowjobs btw. Sooooo more links to teen bj’s?

  • Predator8u

    That seems foolish of Leben and the the ufc to make it a five round fight especially since one of the fighters is a fool and didnt properly prepare. Imagine if it went to the 4/5th round how shitty that could have been. There could have been “Hands down on knees”(tripod) makes me ashamed. Though i doubt that leben would of done that.  Plus you need to sell this whole main fight 5 rounds always rule and if Leben had gassed that wouldnt be good for the arguement. 

    so i guess every thing worked out