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Chris Weidman tells you what he really thinks

Chris Weidman tells you what he really thinks

While post-fight press conference Chris Weidman said he didn’t take Anderson’s clowning personally and saw it as a legit tactic designed to throw him off his game, immediately post-fight Chris Weidman was a little more wrapped up in the heat of the moment. Check out this Vine (that’s a six second gif video for you old people, just kill yourself now before the world becomes a completely befuddling and scary place) of Chris moments after his win where he calls Anderson a “disrespectful piece of shit.” Or at least that’s what it appears he says, because this is all lipreading conjecture which is pretty easy to mix up…

  • kvelertak

    What a two faced ass kisser.
    If you think he’s a piece of shit say so at the press conference. haha

  • drunkenjunk

    So vine is a video player that only plays 6 second clips? Don’t get it. Weidman is an obnoxious douche.

  • CAP

    Weedman did seem too nice about it all. It would have been great if he rubbed it in and call it what it was: Epic Fail.

    Shit, it would have been in his best interest to keep bringing it up and get Silva fired up for a rematch. It’s the best payday CW can get right now. And it would have been entertaining.

  • Nuked

    So he said it in the heat of the moment. The fight just ended. Same thing Silva did saying he was done fighting for the belt. I guess when the rematch happens Silva will also be a two faced ass kisser.

  • jjdnb

    I don’t blame weidman whatsoever. All the clowning and disrespect that Anderson did before and during the fight are uncalled for. I’d be pissed too. And weidman still handled it well. Plus all the adrenalin in his system at the time..

  • jjdnb

    Can’t wait til he ground and pounds the he k out of Silva in the rematch.