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Christmas comes twice for the good TUF fighters

I knew I shouldn’t trust all you flaky bastards in the comments section when you were saying “X fighter got sub of the night and Y fighters got Fight of the Night”. Because the REAL awards for the TUF6 finale have finally been released:

Fight of the Night:
Jon Koppenhaver vs. Jared Rollins
Roger Huerta vs. Clay Guida [$15,000 each]

Knockout of the Night:
Jon Koppenhaver KO of Jared Rollins [$15,000 to Koppenhaver]

Submission of the Night:
Matt Arroyo armbars John Kolosci [$15,000 to Arroyo]

Nice of the UFC to give two fight of the night bonuses … when you’re trying to encourage guys to go all out, it certainly helps to show that you’re not going to fuck them over just because someone else pulled a Fight of the Year match out of their asses.

It’s interesting to note though that the bonuses were only 15k as opposed to 40k like they are for PPVs. I’m not going to complain … I think 15k bonuses are a bit more reasonable, and the extra scratch can go to places where it’s needed, like a new platinum plated toilet for Dana White.

  • Xavier

    Roman got screwed out of submission of the night. First leglock in years that looked effective. Dana hates Armenians, the fucking Turk.

  • fightlinker

    Yeah, no one appreciates a good leglock … I’m in love with them at the moment, got some sambo instructionals and can’t wait to try this shit in class

  • kentyman

    He’s got a platinum toilet and a golden shower.


  • matt(tapout name shitstain)

    Toe hold to knee bar needs to be used more.

  • Goo

    Isn’t the main show bonus $55,000, not $40,000?

  • Lifer

    it’s $50k per award.

    leglocking dorian price probably isnt worth $15k since he doesn’t have a ground game.. I wonder how kirk’d out he was about getting submitted in 13 seconds? I’m gonna have to imagine pretty fuckin kirk’d.

  • raizor

    kirk’d? what is this kirk’d you speak of?

  • frickshun


    It’s like “spock’d” only less Sulu.

  • Lifer

    it still has some george takei in it for sure.

  • Chuck

    at least Koppenhaver can afford a good attorney..

  • Frank the Tank

    first of all: LMAO @ Frickshun’s comment.
    Second of all: this ploy is exceptionally clever, new fighters are now more motivated to go in the ring and inflict brain damage on each other. Go DANA!

  • Accomando

    “…I knew I shouldn’t trust all you flaky bastards in the comments section when you were saying “X fighter got sub of the night and Y fighters got Fight of the Night”….”

    I was right when I said Guida got fight of the night. What’s not to trust?

  • fightlinker

    Only half right!

  • Accomando

    Not half wrong though.

  • makeutapout

    Is Dana a turk, or are you just using that to point out his dislike of Armenians Xavier? It would probably explain a lot about him lol. I haven’t met an Armenian I didn’t like. Bunch of little 5″5′ badasses who can almost drink my Scots Irish under the table. Hey Matty, that’s you bro.

    Funny observation, FL. I wouldn’t have noticed considering I’ve stopped going there for MMA news. That’s the kind of idiot arguments I stopped hearing after I graduated high school. What a twit that guy is.

  • Xavier

    Yes, Dana White is definitely Turkish. His father was from Turkey, his name was Danzibar Mohammed and he named his kid Dana White when he came to America so that he would have an American sounding name. Dana is a true immigration success story.

    And that’s why he is holding Karo, Roman and Manny down.

  • Ason

    The only good thing to come out Armenia
    is Kim Kardashian’s fat slutty ass.