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Chuck Liddell is such a stoner

Like many other people, I enjoy a good “Chuck is high” joke. Who doesn’t love watching Chuck thrash around in his seat while watching fights? Or when he goes on talk shows completely fucked out of his tree on random medications? And hey, now lets add “showing up to award shows looking like he smoked all the weed in Vancouver”. Hang ten, Chuck. Hang ten indeed.

As with all things media related, I must bow to the MMA Fever boys for this pic. Someday I’ll buy them out and then fire them, Pride-style. Then they will re-emerge with another random website and I will go “Curses! Well at least I have the tape library.”

  • MMA Fever

    MMA Fever – like an anal wart you cannot ignore…
    Fuck money, get me those chicks from 2 Girls 1 cup and it’s yours!
    Nothing like dirty boxing and dirty sex.
    You can keep the cup though

  • Darkie

    I bet Chuck gets good weed.

  • Thomas

    Looks like hes high on X

  • Ted Dibiase

    high on x? what a dumbass

    hes sampling at the coffee shops you nerd.

  • Mr.ThePlague

    This pic just couldn’t be any better. That pic of Wandy fucking shredded to shit on mmafever is looking bad for Chuck.

  • operator

    He must get the munchies alot. Explains his big gut he can’t seem to get rid of.

  • TMG

    “Curses! Well at least I have the tape library.”
    That shit is so funny, that’s one of your best lines yet. Keep em comin.

  • dana white

    why is there a portrat of a topless boy on his shirt? did affliction run out of ideas?

  • crystal and jessie

    we want to fuck chuck..also, we really think he’s a stoner!!!just like us!!! pass the bong chuck……WELOVE U CHUCK!!!:)