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Chuck Liddell talks nookie

Ariel from Jarry Park is pretty good at harassing MMA people into talking about all sorts of sex stuff. I dunno how he does it … I guess perhaps his soothing voice tricks them into getting all relaxed and then next thing they know they’re talking about that big post-fight orgy. Oops. He’s done it with Arianny Celeste, and he’s done it with Andrei Arlovski’s girlfriend.
And Ariel does it again, this time with none other than Chuck Liddell. After 10 minutes of blah blah UFC blah fighting blah news, it gets to the good sex stuff. Here’s some excerpts:

Chuck Liddell: I have a hard time subscribing to that rule one day before a fight-I have had sex anywhere up to-I think the closest I’ve gone to a fight was about four or five hours before.
Ariel Helwani: Really? In the arena?
Chuck Liddell: No, in the hotel room.
Ariel Helwani: Which fight was that?
Chuck Liddell: Babalu-I think.
Ariel Helwani: Are you having sex right now?
Chuck Liddell: No, I am just wandering around my house because I get bored. I can’t stand in one place at one time.
Ariel Helwani: Was that just a one-time thing for you because it’s pretty legendary stuff?
Chuck Liddell: No, that wasn’t the first time and probably won’t be the last. That wasn’t the last-probably still isn’t the last.

  • nephildevil

    this blog is also half babes n sex and half mma talk :D

  • nephildevil

    bu then again we all know nothing to get the dopamine going like violence and/or sex

  • #1 jackal

    He is a man whore, that is for sure. He is known to do radio shows while having sex.

  • Atom

    “are you having sex right now?”


  • #1 jackal

    Jerry Park is a creepy bastard towards Arianny. You could tell that he made her feel very uncomfortable during the whole interview. What a wanger.

  • Thomas aka Hattori Hanzo

    chuck is the MAN!!! but has no chance of ever defeating rampage

  • Wu Tang

    Or Kid Yamamoto for that matter!
    OMG ITS KiD!!

  • Larsenator

    Who gives a shit!?