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Cody McKenzie vs Chad Mendes

No rest for our favorite one trick pony, Cody McKenzie. Via MMA Frenzy:

The UFC announced today that Cody McKenzie is headed south to featherweight and that Chad Mendes will serve as his welcoming committee.

The two will do battle at the UFC 148 event, which is scheduled to take place on July 7 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Jeez, did Cody slap Joe Silva’s wife or something? This is not a good matchup for him at all. Sure, Mendes is all about wrasslef*cking dudes, but he’s not going to be stupid enough to mess with McKenzie on the ground. This fight has bad kickboxing match written all over it. Cody’s only chance is if the Diaz brothers can magically imbue some striking skills into his game. In under two months.

  • Reverend Clint

    this better be a prelim

  • Symbul

    Does this dude just not have a manager/a shred of sanity?

  • OlyReigns

    I will always cheer for the guy that looks like he doesn’t belong in a cage fight. Here’s hoping he chokes out the little pretty boy.

  • Giallo

    fucking gay. it looks like he’s coming for our children.

  • frickshun

    Weird booking. I thought they liked Cody but this tells me they don’t really give a shit if he’s guaranteed to lose.

  • Nachtfalter

    This is a complete squash match. Seems to be a new thing in the UFC. Afterall, Chad Griggs has the exact same chance against Phil Davis as Cody against Chad – 0.0000%