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CONTEST! Anthem for a Beatdown

I’m sure you’ve all heard of The Karate Kid 5, also known as Never Back Down. Every other site out there is running neon yellow epileptic ads for that shit. But rather than go down the obnoxious banner route, we decided to try and score you guys some free swag, and free swag is what we now have!

Courtesy of the band 12 Stones, who’s song “Anthem for the Underdog” is featured in Never Back Down, we have the following prizes:

Grand Prize Winner – Autographed Never Back Down Poster, Never Back Down T-Shirt, Autographed 12 Stones CD and Poster

5 Runners Up – Never Back Down T-Shirt

So how do you win this shit? In celebration of looking like a little bitch in front of a girl who’s totally in love with the highschool badass, we want you guys to upload the best pictures and post the best videos of people getting owned that you can find. At the end we’ll put together a video featuring all the most brutal ownages and the absolute best will win the prizes.

Photos must be uploaded to your Fightlinker account, and videos must be posted in the forums. Upload and post as many as you want, but it’s quality that wins you the prize, not quantity. Get your entries in by Sunday, March 23rd. We’ll be updating the blog regularly with some of the highlights from the contest as it goes along, and the winners will be announced on the Low Blow radio show.

Here’s where you’d normally see a whole bunch of legal disclaimer stuff, but hey, we don’t care. Basically, if you kick your friend in the face to make a video submission, that’s your ass and not ours. Plus we’re not responsible for any damage you incur rocking out too hard to 12 Stones.

This contest wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the nice people at Wind Up Records and the band 12 Stones, who’s album “Anthem for the Underdog” is pretty fucking sweet indeed, if you like that rock stuff. But don’t take my word for it, check out their sites:

We’re also aware that some of our readers may be too cool to enjoy Never Back Down for the totally awesome kitsch it will be. That’s all well and good, just try to keep your bitching and whining to a minimum if that’s the case. Free stuff rocks, and we’re looking forward to hooking you up with as much of it as we can. Ya dig?

  • Michael

    I respect your wishes.

  • steve24

    I got a video of some dude getting shotgunned in the face. Does that count as getting “owned”?

  • charles

    Is this more of that satire shit you were talking about last week?

  • Toxie

    I really hope so. Othewise, my faith has been shaken.

  • Fightlinker Jackal

    Is this shit for real? I highly doubt anyone wants a Never Back Down t-shirt… I certainly wouldn’t want to be seen in public with that shit. The fuckers sold out :P

  • dulljake

    just trying to get you guys to have free shit :P

  • MacDaddy

    12 stones is what I would tie to these fuckers’ ankles before I dumped them off a bridge. They make Nickelback seem “edgy” and “cool”.

  • Random Acts Of Kindness

    Come on guys, how could you not like this movie? Teen angst + fighting + teen ho-bags + cliche coming of age realizations = great success!

  • #1 jackal

    Is it a coincidence that the main characters names are Jake and Ryan?

  • dulljake

    wow, that is crazy….it’s like they stole my life story…

  • farang

    You guys give them shit for this cause your too cool but I bet about forty guys got big ass eyes saying “Ooooohhhh MY GOD!” My name can be said on the Low Blow” and they started searching for all kinds of Super videos.

  • Toxie

    No, the movie is just an insult to intelligence.