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Contest: Guess Tom Lawlor’s weigh-in schtick

Ok, this is the contest.

Filthy Tom Lawlor is planning a special walk in for his weigh-in on Monday. He is keeping it a secret. The only hint he is giving out is that only hardcore fans will get it. You must correctly guess what Lawlor is cooking up for this weigh in.

You have until 2PM EST Monday May 14th to put your answer in this thread. if more than one person guesses correctly, only the person that posted first will win.

The prize: A 6 month subscription to!! You will have access to all the fights in HD that the UFC has in their vault for 6 months.

Runner up gets a digitally autographed picture of a casting or Ryans nuts. Good thing there is no second place.

WILDCARD: If nobody guesses correctly I will choose the entry that made me laugh the most. I might ask a random Jackal for help if this is the case cause I have no sense of humor.

  • Giallo

  • Giallo

    wtf now i can’t post pictures. Love the new site. That’s my third guess by the way, a blank fucking box.

  •!/JHScramble Jim Harbaugh Scramble

    A crumpled Steve Nelmark.

  • shane

    an ice cream sandwich 

  • Ron Jeremy

    The comments already in the original post count, don’t worry gaiello.

  • Jeff Hunter

    He is going to come out as The Rock!

  • Rodriguez

    “G-Man” Rich Goins.

  • Kazuhiros nakamura

    As a Joe Son, punching himself on the testies while walking out. Also trying to rape someone from the crowd while doing so.

  • Reverend Clint

    rod lives
    since ive already got a free 6 months im gonna guess Dos Caras, Jr.

  • Jenny Talia

    One boxing glove.

  • glassjawsh

    he’s going to come out in a giant cloth diaper with a huge safety pin. then while he’s on the scale he’s going to crap himself and seth petruzelli will change him and powder his red chapped ass

  • emil

    Jenny Talia:
    He has already done that though.

    00:32 in the video

  • Rhufio

    giant cross on his back maybe ?

    That’s one classic he hasn’t done yet…

  • Symbul

    He’s gonna come as Quinton “Late-Term Abortionist” Jackson: Blacked up with a chain around his neck and carrying a case of Xiyence.

  • Morghen

    1. He enters as Mr. Paul Harris and tears off his own leg.
    2. He comes in 250 pounds overweight, in blackface, picks up Keith Hackney and tosses him out of the room.
    3. He enters as Mario.

  • Ron Jeremy

    I cant win this obviously but my guess is he will not show up to the weigh ins.

    Dressed as Nick Diaz.

  • Fightlinker


  • Giallo

    He’ll take the stage as joe son fresh from raping a chick backstage and allow someone from the audience to repeatively puch him in the junk.

  • theinsaneoneJustinMcCully

    Bob Sapp muscle suit entrance, clutch ribs and collapse on the scale crying

  • Garp

    SO many funny answers. I want to see him come out with the cross ala Kimo (great idea, Rhufio. Wonder if the UFC would let him do it, though.)

    Has he done the Gracie family walk-in yet? That used to give me chills when Royce used to do that.
    Otherwise, I guess he dresses up as Teila Tuli.  

  • theinsaneoneJustinMcCully

    Tuli, kicked in the face so hard, ha

  • frickshun

    My immediate thought when you say “for the Hardcores” would be FRED ETTISH. Who is my personal fave moment of the dark ages of the UFC. Or Royce in gi. Considering he digs facial hair, I’d lean towards Ettish. Maybe he’ll lay on his side & meekly kick up for the staredown……

  • frickshun

    Also, TheInsaneOne made me lollurz.

  • Ron Jeremy

    Contest is closed.

    Some good ideas in here, I cant wait to see what he does.

    If one of you got it right on the money, I will contact you and will require the answer question to claim your prize of 60$**.

    The simple skill testing question required to claim the prize is as follows:

    Find the critical points of the function.
    F(x) = x^4/5(x – 7)^2
    x = (smallest value)
    x =
    x = (largest value)

    ** local taxes apply.
    ** shipping and handling not included.

  • #1Jackal

    My guess is that he will be wearing Fedors Glorious Sweater of Absolute Victory or he will be wearing the IFL Champion Belt. You know the one that you could buy on ebay and was all decked out in rattle snake skin

  • frickshun


  • #1Jackal

    ^^  ha.    never went anywhere.  i still come here several times a week.  just dont post much because i am to busy with a real job now.  you know how life is with work and shit.  i would never leave ryan and jake and the other jackals

  • I am the Liquor

    Harold Howard complete with white undershirt and karate pants.