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Could UFC 183 Be The Stage For The Old “Spider” To Return?

nick diaz

Ed Soares, manager for former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, believes the decision to pair “The Spider” with Nick Diaz makes complete sense.

“Arguably, these guys are two of the best boxers in mixed martial arts, they both wanted to fight Roy Jones, Jr., they’re both coming off two losses, they both have been out of the ring for over a year,” said Soares, during a recent appearance on Submission Radio, “so it’s just a fight that makes sense.”

Silva suffered a broken leg last December in a rematch for the middleweight title against Chris Weidman. He also lost to Weidman earlier in 2013. Diaz, meanwhile, dropped bouts to former UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre and Carlos Condit before going into a self-imposed retirement.

While many have questioned Silva’s decision to return to the Octagon, Soares believes he can still compete with the best of the best.

“I think he’ll be back and he’ll go as far as he wants to apply himself to,” he said. “I think if anybody can come back from an injury like this and come back and put that title around their waist again, if anybody in the world can do it, it’s Anderson Silva.”

Prior to running into Weidman, the Brazilian often-times appeared uninterested in certain title fights. Soares feels the time away recovering has helped provide a new sense of pride in Silva.

“I think that’s going to be the biggest motivation, just seeing Anderson back to what he once as,” Soares said. “I believe that there got a point in Anderson’s career where maybe subconsciously he forgot what it was like not to be champ, and I think now he’s kind of looking up at that hill realizing that he’s got some more challenges to conquer.”

Silva and Diaz are set for the UFC 183 main event in January from Las Vegas.

  • robthom

    Lol @ “other” spider.

    There was a “different” spider decades ago.
    I dont think thats who you are referring to?

    You mean the one playing around in a cleared out division for 5-6 years?

    Thats over.

    You’ll see how far gone that is after Diaz…

  • robthom

    Its not even like Diaz is gonna attack his leg or anything…
    Its just a bad matchup!

    Standing or on the ground!

  • robthom

    To completely honest with you.
    Theres some comeuppance!

    Silva is gonna get his boody hurt.
    And the mma media is gonna scramble for an excuse.
    (They wont scramble too hard, they’ll just say they claimed it all the time!)